Pick of the Week: Clorox Wipes

Clorox-Disinfecting-Wipes-Lemon-Fresh-ScentNot everyone likes cleaning, but I can be certain that everyone likes to have a clean space. The aromatic lemon-fresh (or your preferable) scent that is left behind can brighten anyone’s day. Especially if the cleaning can be quick yet vigorous.

One way to get this mighty clean is by using Clorox wipes. These phenomenal little scrubbers can be used on multiple surfaces. They are also easily affordable. You can buy either a 35-count container for $2.48 or a 75-count pack for $4.63. If you are looking to these wipes as a cleaning warrior you might want to consider the value packs that offer three containers for $5.88 and $9.97 respectively! Let’s not forget about the multiple scents either. You can choose one of five options: Serene Clean, Fresh Scent, Lavender, Orange Fusion or Citrus. Another plus about the wipes are the germs, well lack thereof! The wipes also kill up to 99.9% of germs that live on the surfaces so close to you.

Another benefit of Clorox wipes aside from their affordability, aroma and germ-killing abilities is the multiple uses. You can do many many things with a Clorox wipe. The obvious uses are to clean your kitchen, bathroom and desk. However, how many times do you sanitize your phone? After all, you are constantly touching it after you have touched other nasty surfaces. You get on the bus or pump gas then respond to your friend’s text or put it next to your face to answer an incoming call. Keep the wipes in your bag for handy use. You can then clean your phone to keep those germs away from you. It also helps get those smudges off if you ate cheese curls while you were texting. You can even clean your laptop keyboard and screen. (If you are cleaning the screen of an electronic it is recommended to squeeze the access liquid cleaner off of the wipe).

Another thing to clean is located in your closet, those muddy sneakers, boots or sandals. Why not get the mud, streaks or sticky juice off of your favorite shoes? Use the Clorox wipe then throw it away along with those grimey collections on it. This way you don’t have to deal with cleaning the rag you used to clean the mess or some aerosol cleaning spray.

Pick up some Clorox wipes at your local grocery or conveniene store and start cleaning today! You will definitely thank us for leading you to this wonderful product. Happy cleaning y’all!


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