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A new show hit Netflix this March, and VALLEY is so okay with it! The makers of “Stranger Things” and “The End of the F***ing World” have introduced Netflix viewers to “I Am Not Okay With This” — a sci-fi coming-of-age television show. 

Based on Charles Foreman’s graphic novel, the show takes place in a modern small town south of Pittsburgh. The show follows the life of Sydney Novak, a high schooler who recently lost her father, doesn’t get along with her mother and has to navigate high school with only one best friend. 

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Dina and Syd have been best friends for years, since their families moved to town around the same time. The two are inseparable. That is, until Dina starts dating the most popular boy at their school. As Syd feels Dina starting to slip away, Syd notices some strange situations happening while she tries to control her emotions. 

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As Syd tries to understand what is happening with her, she finds unlikely help in her stoner neighbor, Stanley. Played by Wyatt Oleff (“IT,” “IT: Chapter 2“), Stan helps Sydney let loose and figure out her powers as they grow stronger and stronger. With his extensive knowledge in all things supernatural, Stan’s comic book addiction finally has use as he tries to impress Syd. What happens if his feelings aren’t reciprocated, or are directed for another? 

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This show brings everything to the table. Just like in “Stranger Things,” the cinematography really flatters the small town of Brownsville. There is a great balance between the outdated small town and the modern high school experience. The costumes within the show are fantastic — between Dina’s sweet girl-next-door vibe, Stan’s killer 70s-style blue suit, and miscellaneous Pittsburgh sports team merch, there’s always something to admire from the costume department. And we can’t forget about the soundtrack that rocked each episode, keeping us hooked to see how Syd’s life unfolds. 

With season 1 already taking off, it’s no surprise season 2 is already picked up and under construction. Caution: There are some gory scenes, so if blood isn’t your thing, make sure to fast forward!

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