“Next in Fashion”: Netflix’s Diverse New Fashion Series

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Netflix’s latest reality show, “Next in Fashion,” is a fresh competition series showcasing incredible talent from 18 of the world’s top designers. Each week contestants compete against one another in riveting challenges with hopes to win the cash prize of $250,000 and the opportunity to sell their collection on the luxury online fashion retailer, Net-A-Porter.

With fashion designer Alexa Chung and “Queer Eye” fashion expert Tan France as hosts, the show is full of witty interactions between the pair and the contestants. They both bring a youthful and fun presence to each episode by uplifting the contestants and helping them navigate their creative vision. Along with this great duo, there are many guest judge appearances by Monique Lhuillier, Eva Chen, Adriana Lima, Tommy Hilfiger, Dao-Yi Chow, Christopher Kane and more.

Photo from Radiotimes.com

In the first episodes, contestants work in teams — some of the designers already know each other and are able to bond, while others struggle and do not. This dynamic is a catalyst for amazing work from some teams, and high tensions for others. As the show goes on and teams get eliminated, the designers get to work on their own and showcase their individual talent.

“Next in Fashion” has designers go through ten challenges: creating runway looks from red carpet glam, to activewear, to military-style looks and everything in between. The contestants have the opportunity to design both women’s and men’s styles for a range of body types. Each week, viewers get to see a new side of the designers and how they express their talents in daring ways.

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A notable part of “Next in Fashion” is the interaction element with the viewers throughout parts of the show. For example, there are cutscenes in each episode where Alexa or Tan give a handy fashion tip or advice on styling. They also entertain the audience at the end of each episode by directly commanding viewers to hit the “Next Episode” button. Alexa and Tan play with viewers by saying humorous lines like, “Are you in your bed on your laptop? Maybe you’re watching this on TV. Stay tuned because there’s another one coming right up; don’t move anywhere.” This element of the series makes it super hard not to binge!

The cast is full of amazing, diverse designers from all across the world who all have their own defined aesthetic and brand. The contestants bring innovative ideas to each runway and it is incredibly inspiring and refreshing to watch. This series truly is the epitome of what’s to come for the future of fashion!

Stream “Next in Fashion” on Netflix to find out which designer will be the next big name in fashion!

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