The New HSM Show Doesn’t Stick to the Status Quo

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The new streaming service Disney+ floods our screen with classic movies and popular TV shows as well as original programs for all of us to enjoy. One of the most talked-about new shows is “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” The name is quite a mouthful, but the plot might not be what you expect.

This new Disney series is not a remake of the movie we all grew up obsessing over. Instead, the show follows fictional high school students putting on a production of “High School Musical.” The characters are completely their own, only playing the role of Troy and Gabriella while on stage. This show is very original in its idea and dare we say…the start of something new?

One of the coolest parts about the show, especially for diehard HSM fans, is the fact that it is filmed at East High School in Salt Lake City, which was used in the movie franchise. Iconic locations, like the theater stage, cafeteria, gymnasium and hallway can all be seen in the episodes. Getting to see the school from different perspectives is so cool for old fans.

The show starts off with Nini, played by Olivia Rodrigo, auditioning for the part of Gabriella. But things take a turn when the part of Troy is given to her ex-boyfriend, played by Joshua Basset. 

It’s fun to see the characters mention Vanessa Hudgens and watch clips of Zac Efron as they prepare for their audition. The show doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. It’s filmed similarly to “The Office,” with characters talking to the camera and random zoom-ins, which definitely adds to the entertainment.

Of course, this show couldn’t have the word “musical” in its name without singing. Since the episodes come out every Friday (no binging, unfortunately) we haven’t heard all of the songs yet, but the ones so far have been surprisingly catchy, including the song “Wondering,” written for Mrs. Darbus’ character. 

Since HSM is such a beloved movie from our childhood, it’s no wonder why people had such a strong response to this series being made. Many people, according to Twitter, had doubts at first and even watched the show as a joke in the beginning.

Fans were definitely skeptical because they did not want this new show to be a bad remake of the original or try to be better than the movie, which are legit reasons not to watch. The three original HSM movies are special to our childhood, and we wouldn’t want them to be overshadowed or poorly portrayed.

But after giving the TV show a chance, it seems that people have changed their minds. Instead of being an exact replica, the show creates its own characters and drama, while allowing fans to relive the storyline they know and love at the same time.

If you have Disney+ (which is not a want, but a need) and have been wondering about the HSM hype, why not watch the first episode and see what you think? Because once a wildcat, always a wildcat!


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