Bachelor Recap: Will Pilot Pete Soar To Find His True Love?

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SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Season 24, Episode 1 of “The Bachelor.”

America’s population runs on one thing: reality television. In Hannah Brown’s season of the “Bachelorette,” Peter Weber, aka Pilot Pete, stole the nation’s heart. He was seen as the guy who “pushes the baby stroller,” with never-ending amounts of love for Hannah Brown. His unexpected send-off shocked the nation, but good things always come out of the bad, right? 

Fortunately, Peter was announced as the next star for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor.” 30 girls from all over the nation will have the chance to tie the knot with Pilot Pete, but who will be the lucky girl who lands the spot as his wife?

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On January 6th, “The Bachelor” season 24 premiered on ABC. Peter Weber warmed the audience’s heart through his classic suit and bowtie, looking totally adorable and again reminding us why we fell in love with him in the first place. 

As expected, there were many extravagant first impressions. Jenna, a down-to-earth 22-year-old from Illinois, stole the show by bringing Peter an emotional support cow named Ashley P. Not only did this capture Peter’s heart, but it also went viral on Twitter. People all over the nation praised Jenna for her unique introduction, and Cosmopolitan even wrote an article about the stunt!

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Another contestant that stood out from the crowd was Kelley, an ambitious 27-year-old from Illinois. Before Peter was publicly announced as the star of this season of “The Bachelor,” Kelley and Peter accidentally met very briefly at a hotel, and they were reunited on the show. They had the most heart-touching reunion, as Peter embraced her in a big hug. Can we get a hug from Peter too? 

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Alongside Kelley and Jenna, other contestants also struck a chord in Peter’s heart. Hannah Ann, a bubbly 23-year-old from Tennessee, received the first impression rose from Peter. She stood out to Peter through her special gift, which was a painting of the Smoky Mountains she painted with the help of her dad. This was quite the genuine gesture, and it definitely stood out to Peter. 

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However, Hannah Ann also has a pretty big target on her back. When Peter was spending one-on-one time with other girls, Hannah Ann interrupted not once, but three times to claim his attention. Hannah Ann seems to have stirred the pot, and she’s certainly a contestant to look out for this season! 

Although Pilot Pete captured America’s heart again, this first episode was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Many tears and awkward conversations are normal for this show, however Hannah Brown’s comeback made things even more awkward. Brown, who broke Peter’s heart last season, makes a return twice throughout the episode.

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In her first appearance, she wished Peter luck with his first impressions. Hannah gave Peter back his wings, an important gift he gave her during her season of “The Bachelorette.” It was a very sentimental moment between the two, and the other contestants brushed it off. I mean, she was just giving him his wings back, right?

Wrong! Hannah returned during the second group date, and the other contestants were not happy about it. During this group date, Hannah pulls aside Peter and admits she “questions [her decision to send him home during her season] all the time.” The episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the audience to ponder whether Hannah will join the mansion and become a contestant for Peter’s season in an attempt to win him back.

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