New Moon In Aquarius

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February is starting on a high note with the New Moon in Aquarius, and you know what that means it’s time to focus on a revolutionary change! On February 11, the lunar cycle will begin once again in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius.

New Moons are gifted by the universe to offer us a window of renewal and refresh—the prime time to start any manifestations. Every month, the new moons present an opportunity to get a stronger intuition on long-term goals and future plans. It forces individuals to bring their ideas to the surface that’ll help you “lock it in,” and you can do this by sharing your thoughts with a loved one, journaling, practicing self-care, or meditation. It’s your monthly astrological advantage to plant your own seeds and manifests your vision.

The new moon will be illuminated by Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus, all of which will be more powerful than the last few new moons we have encountered. With Mercury still in retrograde until February 20, you must channel your ideas logically. The revitalizing New Moon will heavily amplify the Aquarius energy.

Aquarius energy is all about making the world a better place. Breaking the traditional norms and removing the old mindsets are continuous habits for Aquarius. Aquarius won’t limit themselves to the same way of thinking and they refused to participate in activities that will harm others to help them get ahead. After all, this new moon is all about revolution and reinvention – so start manifesting the new opportunities that will you to be the best person that you can be!

A time of cleansing! During the new moon, we remove the past mindsets and energies from the previous moon cycle and prepare for what’s ahead. With the new moon in Aquarius, now is the time to recognize your personal goals and take the next step to your dreams.

So, go for it! Start planning out the crazy ideas you’ve always had for yourself. Speak your dreams out loud—like the world hear what you have to offer. Be the person to make what you want to happen! Just remember, Aquarian energy will inspire a lot of stubbornness. Don’t hold yourself back from the new sense of open-mindedness. You’ll find it more manageable than ever to dream big under the new moon in Aquarius.

Who the Aquarius New Moon Will Affect the Most

With so much energy towards this one sign, those with heavy Aquarian influence in their natal chart will feel this new moon more than most. If you were born in a fellow fixed sign—Leo (fixed water), Scorpio (fixed water), Taurus (fixed earth)—you will definitely feel the intensity of this new moon. It will encourage you to make some noise and make new bonds with people that will construct a way to your future.

How will the new moon in Aquarius impact the rest of your year?

Take a closer look at the people in your inner circle. Congratulations if you were able to remove the ones who really don’t deserve to be there. Removing friends who simply aren’t there for the right reasons will allow you to encircle yourself with ones who will cherish and uphold you more. Also, having those individuals in your corner will motivate you to proceed with your desires.

Don’t forget to look into your love life! It is important to recognize if your significant other is the one for you, regardless of the connections. This may push you to make difficult decisions, but it’s better this way! Just remember that you’ll be okay always.


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