Call It What You Want: Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” 2.0?

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Fan theories suggest that Taylor Swift’s new song, “Call It What You Want,” could possibly be a “Love Story” 2.0 for the pop star since there are so many parallels in each tune. So, VALLEY thought it was time to take a look into some of the comparisons between the two songs. Are they really related, or is it just a happy coincidence?

T-Swift is definitely no stranger to fans thinking that she works to parallel her old songs to new ones, or just call attention to her old music in general. Of course, the biggest throwback she created to date was her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video when she played different versions of herself from over the years. Many fans have also said “Wildest Dreams” and “Ready For It?” have similar lyrics and chorus progressions.

The truth of the matter is that probably only real die-hard Swifties would notice the similarities between the lyrics of “Call It What You Want” and “Love Story,” but that doesn’t make it any less fun to analyze for VALLEY.

The lyrics that fans are calling out the most are “Romeo save me” from the older song and “You don’t need to save me” from what they’re calling “Love Story” 2.0. The idea is anything but outlandish because it definitely goes along with her transformation for her new album, Reputation. The artist doesn’t need saving and she isn’t afraid to prove it.

Next, there is the similarity between the lines from the older song “I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run,” and the newer “But would you run away with me.” Again, Swift is making it evident that she is not waiting for anyone to do anything for her. She has become infinitely more independent.

It’s been clear for awhile now that Swift is eager to shed her old, wholesome country act and go for a more edgy appearance, but now it is easy to see a direct effect of the new shift in music and personality. So the newer song could very easily be a darker version of the iconic “Love Story,” instead of a 2.0 continuation as well. Or maybe it is really the extended version of the older song. Maybe Swift feels she needs to write a more rebellious version now since she is seen as such.

It represents a more self-reliant Taylor Swift, which after the debut of her last few music videos, isn’t surprising in the slightest. In fact, VALLEY is excited to see what Swift comes up with next.

Listen to Taylor’s new album Reputation on iTunes after November 10th.


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