Quiz: Which Taylor Swift BFF Duo Are You And Your BFF Most Like?

People have pretty strong opinions of Taylor Swift. Love her or hate her, we can all agree that she is one of the most popular famous people out there. She has some high profile friendships ranging from Ed Sheeran to Kanye West to Victoria’s Secret models.

Take Valley‘s quiz and find out which Taylor Swift friendship is like your own!


1. How did you and your best friend meet?

A. You guys had tons of mutual friends and always seemed to bump into each other at parties and events. Once you finally decided to talk to each other, you immediately clicked and the rest was history.

B. Both of you always participated in the same activities, so you were basically destined to be friends. You both played soccer and sang in the chorus, so you really had no choice whether or not you wanted to hangout.

C. Your best friend was the coolest girl in school and you did everything you could to talk to her, because you just HAD to be her friend.

D. You bought her from a pet store and have been inseparable ever since.

2. What is a typical night spent with your best friend like?

 A. When you’re with your friend, you’re usually relaxing at home. You love playing scrabble, dancing awkwardly around your living room and cooking dinner together. Anything is fun when you’re together!

B. You and your friend love to go out and attend award shows parties together. If there’s an opportunity for a selfie to be taken, you and your bestie are ready to go.

C. Getting glammed up is something you both enjoy, but you also love going on adventures and heading wherever the wind takes you. Sometimes you both feel like getting dressed up, sometimes you both feel like wearing yoga pants.

D. You’re usually cuddling on your couch watching Netflix together.

3. What is the one thing that annoys you most about your best friend?

A. She can be really, really weird sometimes…

B. She always goes back to her awful boyfriend no matter how many times you tell her not to.

C. She tends to get all the attention.

D. Sometimes, she hisses at you.

4. Describe your best friend in one word.

A. Unique

B. Bubbly

C. Gorgeous

D. Fluffy

5. What Taylor Swift song title best describes your friendship?

 A. “Never Grow Up”

B. “Everything Has Changed”

C. “Stay Beautiful”

D. “You Belong With Me”



If you got…

giphyMostly A’s…

You and your BFF are most like Taylor Swift and Lorde. You guys are weird, but you’re proud of it. You have each other’s back when the haters try to bring you down. You live by the motto, “haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.”


taylor-swift-advice-for-selena-gomezMostly B’s…

You and your BFF are most like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Gossiping and venting are two daily occurrences in your friendship and sometimes, this leads to drama. You’ve had your ups and downs, but you’ve remained close through it all.


karlie-kloss-taylor-swift-vogue-cover-2015-billboard-650Mostly C’s…

You and your BFF are most like Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. You’re both beautiful and everyone knows it, but you’re also both down-to-earth. You have the type of friendship where you can go weeks without talking, but when you finally see each other, everything is as normal as it was before.


tumblr_inline_mmeh9qM0Lx1qz4rgpMostly D’s…

You and your BFF are most like Taylor Swift and her cat, Meredith. You know your BFF will always remain loyal to you. Also, you can always count on her for a great cuddle session or a solid Instagram picture.


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