New Balance Bouncing Back

Photo by Alex W.

“Reebok baby, you need to try some new things. Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?”

Ok, so maybe not Reebok, but what about New Balance? You know, those white dad shoes back in the day. Well, it is 2017, and at this point we are well aware that anything is possible in today’s world. That being said Valley has noted that New Balance is making a comeback in the fashion industry.

The style of New Balance has evolved over the years. The most common style of this classic brand is the 547 shoe. However, the company has vamped up their look with the 547 Sport. This old school style with a modern spin will have you looking sporty spice. Textured sole combined with the mesh tongue and a slimmer design gives these kicks an aesthetic vibe everyone will be vying for. As GQ once said “The 547S isn’t just a 547 in new materials, it’s a completely reengineered version of the style.” The shoe comes in a variety of colors such as Mint, Maroon, White, Black and Navy.

But wait, there’s more! The 247 Luxe is yet another shoe style coming into the fashion scene. If Valley could describe the style in two words they’d be “So. College.” This shoe is covered from heel to toe in nubuck leather and provides the foot with a sleek, clean cut look. It is a casual yet preppy look for men or women and come in the colors Rose, Basin, Light Porcelain Blue and Hemp.

With the introduction of the 547 Sport and 247 Luxe, New Balance is well on their way to reviving their style in the 21st Century. It’s a classic shoe that’s been around since the stone ages, yet has recently become a trendy look. However, if they want to advance and sustain their shoe game, New Balance is going to have to fight for the top spot. Some of their fiercest competitors include Adidas and Nike, and their customer loyalty is hard to break. New balance must rebrand and build a foundation in which the vintage/hipster/sporty aesthetic appeal can flourish in the foreseeable future.

As Mac Miller once said, “New kicks give me cushion like whoopee,” and Valley agrees that New Balance will provide you with just that.