Vintage in the Valley: Make the most of old hand-me-downs

Photo by Steph Distasio

Repurposed clothing has been the hot new commodity in the fashion world. From thrift finds to hand-me-downs, old clothes are all the rage.

Digging through your parent’s closet can be quite entertaining. You can mix and match the old with the new to create a one-of-a-kind look. Valley challenges you to find these staple pieces in your parent’s closet for a fresh take on some vintage clothing.


You can never go wrong with a classic flannel, and they never go out of style. Find your dad’s oversized flannel and pair it with skinny jeans and slides. You’ll save money on a new shirt while still looking on point.

80s Band Tees

Band tee-shirts have been making a comeback, but why spend the money if not necessary? Exploring your parents’ closet may result in finding those vintage concert tees. The styling options are endless. If you have siblings, check their closets, as well. Perhaps you’ll hit the jackpot with an N’Sync tee. You can belt an oversized tee and pair it with black jeans and a ripped jean jacket.

Your Dad’s Denim Jacket

Denim is one of those fabrics that will never go out of style and can be worn with just about anything (including more denim). Denim jackets are perfect for fall, so if you come upon an old denim number from the 80s, don’t pass up the opportunity. Your dad’s old denim jacket can be styled in many different ways.

Neck Scarf

A silk neck scarf or bandana is the perfect embellishment to almost any outfit. This quirky accessory was big in the 50s, but has since made several comebacks. Your mom’s neck scarves from the 90s will be total hit and add freshness to any mod outfit.

Mom Jeans

Yes, the classic ‘mom jeans.’ Those used to be dreaded words in the fashion world, but lately, all of the hip stores sell the “mom” style jeans. High-waisted and light wash, these jeans go with just about anything. Penn State junior Jaimee Chiponis embraces this trend and sports her mom’s old denim shorts.

“They’re from the late 80s she said, and I like them because it’s cool that what people wore years ago is coming back now, and it’s like ‘wow my mom wore it, and she looked good,’” says Chiponis.

You don’t need brand spanking new clothing to be on trend. In fact, there is something to be said about having a unique piece of clothing that nobody else has, and it comes with a guarantee of making your outfit stand out in a crowd.

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