Denim, Denim and More Denim

Photo by Soleil Nagoda

Fall fashion is here and that means one thing: denim. All kinds of denim and lots of it. Whether you’re going to a Penn State Football game or just want to spice up your attire during the week, going denim is a trend that seems to never go out of style.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is an easy way to make a t-shirt and leggings look more fashion forward. Pairing the outfit with any slip-on shoe can make the outfit more comfortable while still on-trend. For an edgy look, tie your shirt in a knot; it’s a small difference that will go a long way for your outfit.

Light Flare Jeans

This is one of Valley’s favorite looks for the upcoming season before it gets too cold and dark denim becomes more popular. Adding flare jeans to any outfit will certainly give off some vintage vibes. Pair them with a plain shirt or t-shirt to put a mod twist on this classic staple.

Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are incredibly versatile and can be styled according to the occasion. While this look can be casual, it can also be professional with the right outfit. Wearing this look for anything business casual can be the perfect way to rock an interview or a day at the office.

Denim on Denimdenim1denim1

The latest trend that has resurfaced this year has been denim on denim, and it truly works for everyone. A trend from decades passed, denim on denim is a look that is both modern and retro. Trying it out for the first time can be scary, but some of the best fashion decisions have been made out of a little risk and edge. However, wearing it in the right way can make your outfit stand out wherever you are.

“I like denim on denim it’s an easy simple way to test with fashion,” said Lauren Compolongo, a Penn State junior. “There is no right or wrong way to pull the look off, and I think if you’re someone who wants to be more stylish denim on denim is an easy way to get into it.”

Denim on denim is the perfect ensemble for anyone who likes to keep it simple, while still staying up to date on the latest fashion fads. Valley wants to know your favorite denim trends! Tweet us at @ValleyMag.