Moldavite: What to Know

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Moldavite is a well-known healing crystal that is used for both physical and mental purposes. Moldavite has been around for quite a while, so why has it been generating so much attention recently? The truth is that more and more testimonies have risen to the surface regarding extreme experiences with this crystal and it is hard to tell how true any of this is or how accountable we can hold Moldavite to be for these events.

This crystal has recently blown up across the internet and multiple social media platforms, especially TikTok and Youtube as many users have come forward emotionally expressing some of the extreme changes and obstacles they have faced ever since introducing Moldavite into their lives.

It is alleged that the energy of Moldavite, when brought into someone’s life, is capable of making some pretty big changes that are needed for this individual, whether they like them or not. A simple example of this may be someone who loses their job in order to open more doors and opportunities up down the line. While this may negatively impact said individual when it occurs, it may be occurring for a greater long-term outcome.

However, are all of these changes as minor and innocent as this one, or could this crystal be introducing true sorrow and severity in peoples’ lives?

This video posted by SunflowerSpiritualist on Youtube is extremely informative and probably smart to watch for anyone interested in obtaining this crystal. This user on Youtube is credible in her knowledge and experiences with crystals and discusses many of the reasons as to why Moldavite can be bringing chaos and tragedy into many peoples’ lives. She explains that this is bound to happen for anyone who is not ready for this crystal or ready for the changes it may bring, as she continues to emphasize that “Moldavite is not a gentle crystal.”

An interesting platform to explore regarding Moldavite is TikTok. There are countless testimonies about peoples’ experiences with this crystal, many that are negative and many that are positive.

One video that went viral with about 1.2 million likes was a video posted by @kyliesage111 where she was in hysterics and warning people to not get Moldative if they were not ready to learn certain things about themselves. A common theme that is seen regarding Moldavite is that no one should be out searching for it.

If you are ready for it and feel you are being drawn to it, then you can experience some really huge changes in your life that are for the better. Otherwise, this is not just any other trend that you should be hopping on. If anything, this is the most important piece of information to remember.


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