MCM: The Top 10 Hottest NFL Players

We’ve all been in that situation: we’re watching a sport with our friends and we know absolutely nothing about it other than that they have some smokin’ hot players. While I pride myself on knowing a lot about football, I watch a lot of games only to ogle at how good looking these men are. This week, Valley’s Man Crush Monday is the top 10 hottest players in the NFL. A huge shout out to my roommate, Megan Kraft, one of the biggest football fans out there, for helping me compile this list and giving us reasons why they’re so hot.

10. Michael Mauti 


Mauti, a current linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings, doesn’t even need an explanation. According to my roommate, “One, look at him. Two, we all know what we did for our school. That makes him hot. Him leading our football team is hot.” (Photo credit:

9. Aaron Rodgers


Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, is the “nice guy” of the NFL. Not only does he break records on the field, has that scruffy, down-home charm about him that makes us ladies swoon. (Photo credit:

8. JJ Watt 

Watt is a defensive end on the Houston Texans. Besides his charming good looks, he’s got a sense of humor – check out his Verizon commercial with the teachers at a dance. To top it off, he gives back to the community with the JJ Watt Foundation which has donated over $600,000 to middle schools for after-school athletics. Also, he’s an excellent player. (Photo credit:

7. Eric Decker

When he’s not playing wide receiver for the New York Jets, Decker he wins over the hearts of America alongside his equally-gorgeous wife, Jessie James Decker on their E! reality show “Eric and Jesse.” So, if you’re not into watching football, you can at least enjoy this man crush off the field raise his newborn daughter. (Photo credit:

6. Alex Smith 

To quote my roommate, “He may have had struggles throughout his career, but he isn’t struggling in his appearance.” Smith, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, started as back up for the San Francisco 49ers, became their first-string, and was then put on second string once Colin Kaepernick took over. Most recently, he led the Chiefs to the play-offs last year. (Photo credit:

5. Reggie Bush

If he’s hot enough for Kim Kardashian, he’s hot enough to make our top five. A running back for the Detroit Lions, his career has only gone up hill since he and Kim broke up. Bush is dominating on and off the field – he just got married to a Kim K look-alike (and they have a baby)! (Image credit:

4. Tom Brady


Brady would’ve been higher on our list if he wasn’t an endorser for male Uggs. But, being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, he’s blessed the New England Patriots with his talent on the field and he himself is blessed off the field – he’s married to the Giselle Bündchen.   (Photo credit:

3. Cam Newton

The quarterback for the Carolina Panthers is nice to look at when he isn’t hiding under a towel because he’s losing. That’s not to say he’s a bad QB – last year he led the Panthers to a division title. (Photo credit:

2. Miles Austin

Austin’s career may be on the decline, but those gorgeous eyes are nothing to scoff at. You may recognize the former Cowboy – and current Cleveland Browns wide receiver – after his two-episode stint on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” – yes, he and Kim dated. Even though that relationship was short-lived, we KUWTK fans will always remember him as being in one of the only episodes where Kim got drunk.  (Photo credit:

1. Colin Kaepernick

Do yourself a favor and Google the rest of Kaepernick’s pictures from ESPN’s Body Issue. The 49ers quarterback led the team straight to the Super Bowl during his first year as a starter in 2013, and led them to the NFC championship against the Seattle Seahawks last year – and he’s only 26 with plenty of time to do it again and again. Not only is he one of the most gifted athletes in the game – he was drafted to the Chicago Cubs baseball team right out of high school – he works closely Camp Taylor, a charity for children with heart defects. Basically, he’s perfect. (Photo credit:

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