The Five People We Love to Hate on Facebook

_DSC0035Before we were blessed with Twitter, Instagram and Tinder, there was Facebook. In high school, Facebook was the end-all and be-all of social media. It was important how many tagged photos you were in and how many people liked your profile picture. The most important thing, though, was the amount of friends you had. Looking back now, we have all noticed certain “friends” whose requests we wish we never accepted.

The Overly  Politically Opinionated Activist

Okay, so we give them credit for being politically aware. But when they change their status every 30 seconds during the presidential debate, it gets old. This person is the first to lash out at someone for making an “ignorant” comment or joke and will not surrender until you agree with their point of view. Usually their statuses and comments are filled with politically-fueled rage and a touch of I’m-better-than-you. The best thing to do is ignore them.

The Overbearing Mom

We won’t lie, her baby is adorable. She was adorable in those 35 pictures of her eating food, she was cute in the 60 photos of her sleeping and she was especially lovable in the 300 pictures of her doing nothing. But too much is too much. When your cover photo, profile picture and all of your tagged photos are pictures of your baby rather than pictures of yourself, it gets old.

The Overly-Affectionate Couple 

They might be the worst of all. These people will post life changing statuses for every month’s anniversary, will give us a live feed every time they hang out and will use Facebook to validate their relationship. “This girl means everything to me. Don’t know where I’d be without you. I would do anything for my bae.” Cheers to you for being happy, but maybe you should be telling her that rather than posting it all over Facebook? Just a thought.

Family Members

Not all family members are bad when it comes to Facebook. The ones who are, though, are the worst. If your grandfather is commenting on photos of you from middle school that you took with people you don’t even know anymore, for example, there’s a problem. The worst of all is when they resurface old photos and force us to live through some of our less attractive phases. “So glad you lost that Freshman 15, honey! Love, Aunt _______ xoxo.”

The Overshare-er

Look, we are really sorry that you had a bad day. We understand that you need to vent. Just please, please don’t use Facebook to do it. The “I just give up” statuses need to go. Like I said, we’re sorry if you’re upset, but giving us a play-by-play account of everything unfortunate thing that happened to you today doesn’t make me sympathize—it just makes me think you want attention.

Facebook can be a wonderful thing, if used responsibly. If you’ve noticed that you have any of the tendencies listed above, you might want to reconsider your actions.

Photo by Jessica LaGreca

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