The Vampire Diaries Premiere: What Went Right and What Went Wrong

Screenshot-2014-05-31-at-3.51.11-AMThere’s only so much you can do with a fantastical series about a vampiric love triangle with some dashes of werewolves and painful amounts of angst and attractive actors embedded in between.

There’s only so many different ways Nina Dobrev can cry with the talent of an Oscar-winning actress over yet another branch of her childhood foundation being shattered or member of her family tree being broken off.

Yet here we are, almost six years later since the 2009 premiere of CW’s smash-hit “The Vampire Diaries,” ready to see what twisted, unbelievable and wildly addicting thing they come up with next.

It’s no secret that there are shows that we love dearly that have gone down in quality over the years/duration of seasons (take “Glee” or “Dexter”).

“The Vampire Diaries” is not one of those shows, and tonight certainly did not disappoint.

So continue to dry your eyes, try to get over your Paul Wesley sexual frustration (as I have to every day of my life), and let’s get ready to dissect this heartbreaking season premiere together Valley style. Spoiler alert for everything below:


  • As terrible as it was to watch, the acting in the show is absolutely incredible and never disappoints. Nina Dobrev is probably the best criers I’ve ever seen on television, and that’s literally all she did the entire episode. Her job must be fun. Regardless, it killed me emotionally, and that’s what makes this show so great.
  • All of the characters are separated and scrambling after the loss of Damon and Bonnie. Caroline has dropped out of college. Stefan is off God-knows-where, not taking any phone calls. Tyler is dealing with being human. Elena is taking drugs and hallucinating her dead boyfriend, all normal things. Regardless, it’s being highlighted that they are doing horrible being apart, and I think that was very important to illustrate in tonight’s premiere. Of course, my girl Caroline is putting her personal pain aside and is trying to help everyone get back together. It is setting up an amazing arc for this (rumored) last season, and I can’t wait to cry tears of joy for once.
  • Something else TVD does amazing with is the suspense. In a lot of shows and movies, you can totally tell what is happening and where. The ending of this episode, Bonnie and Damon literally chilling like it’s a normal morning eating eggs and pancakes is both annoyingly vague and frustrating. THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. WHAT IS HAPPENING. My anger is the perfect example of why this is good. Keep it coming, TVD.


  • Okay, did anyone else roll their eyes into the back of their skulls when Elena first admitted she was hallucinating seeing Damon? This is literally the plot line of the entire second Twilight book, and I try to separate the two as much as possible because TVD is actually a fantastic show, and Twilight was an awful middle school phase I’ll never fully shake off. I think they could have done better than that, even if it was gut-wrenchingly painful to witness. Also, Elena had “take” a witch-produced drug to see Damon. If that’s not promoting drug use to impressionable adolescents, I don’t know what is.
  • Seriously, I don’t think I smiled once this entire episode. It’s no secret that TVD is probably one of the most heart-breaking shows on television, but what makes it so great is that they don’t just throw you with emotional curveballs; they also back up your viewing turmoil with sarcastic tidbits and moments of epic plot line. Except that Damon, usually the comic relief character of the series, is dead now, so it was just all heartache. It was all pain. I’m exhausted. Everyone is exhausted. I need a nap. You probably need a nap. This episode could have used more plot besides mourning and death and hallucinations.

Additional thoughts:

  • Stefan, answer your phone. Your future soulmate Caroline Forbes is on the other line.
  • Damon in plaid making eggs with Bonnie. If that’s what death looks like, that doesn’t look too shabby.
  • Real talk, where are Damon and Bonnie? I’m so stressed.
  • Again, Nina Dobrev deserves an Oscar for crying alone.
  • Alaric is one of the best characters ever in the history of this show and I’m so beyond thrilled he is alive and back and teaching again, even if it is confusing how he became a vampire. He’s a vampire now, right? I think so.
  • I don’t miss Mystic Falls. Stick with the college themes. Please. There’s not enough television shows that highlight college life anymore and I’m thirsty.
  • Can I be one of the girls Jeremy is sleeping with to get over Bonnie? Please and thank you.
  • Please stay away from the Damon/Stefan/Elena love triangle. Please.

Regardless of the amount of physical pain I am in currently, I love this show and I can’t wait to see what happens again next week. Let’s just hope smiling is part of the viewing process next week.

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