LionHeart CrossFit Fitness

Do you ever wonder what the hype is about Crossfit? Why so many people are starting to squeal over powerlifting, calisthenics and high intensity training?

The terms you overhear at the gym that don’t quite make senseclean, deadlift, snatch. It’s definitely a whole new fitness world that can be very ambiguous to the regular gym goer.

Valley sat down with Lionheart Crossfit manager and instructor, Jeff Welsh to get the full scoop on Crossfit.

The definition of Crossfit that Welsh likes to use is that it’s a comprehensive strength and conditioning program that combines barbell lifts, bodyweight movements and aerobic activities over a time period in which you push yourself to your own limits.

Sound scary? Not so much when you break it down.

The classes at LionHeart are broken into general warm up, mobility/positional work, a secondary warm up, strength, conditioning and then accessory work.

Welsh has the most fun with the strength and conditioning parts of the day.

“I’m lucky enough to work out with a group that continuously pushes each other,” he says.  “We compete with ourselves and each other, and truly get excited for each other’s accomplishments.”

The classes include students from Penn State, non students, even 16-year-olds to the occasional 60-year-old drop in.

People love trying different things at the Crossfit gym to really expand their comfort zone.

But what if someone is content with his or her membership to the Penn State gyms? Which is better?

Welsh says that it’s all about personal preference and what your goals are.

“Let your guard down. While it looks intimidating, it’s really not that bad,” he says.  “Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t focus on someone else’s performance.  Your goal should be to make yourself better. Eventually you’ll start to feel stronger, your conditioning is better and you can fall right in line with our members.”

He wouldn’t call Crossfit better or the best for people who love the gym, but someone interested in improving their day to day life and activity could really benefit from Crossfit“I’m not aware of a program that will yield similar or better results,” Welsh says.

Welsh sees people change everyday.  They not only improve their bodies in Crossfit, but also their minds.

“Individuals transform and flourish,” he said.  “They do things they previously thought improbable and view things as possible that were previously thought as impossible.”

Welsh has the privilege to see people going from timid to empowered and strong.

Skepticism may be natural in something so intimidating and different.  But as Welsh said, get out of the comfort zone and try something new.

You could do something you’ve never even gotten to think about doing before.