Let It Snow

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Going to school in Pennsylvania, snow is not a shocking thing and is typically a major inconvenience to us Penn Staters. It’s beyond rare that you’ll find Penn State having any unplanned days off. We pray every night for this kind of miracle and it has finally become a reality. Snow days are so infrequent, that Penn Staters might not even know what to do with their time. As children we would dream of this day so that we wouldn’t have to fake sick to stay home from school, so Valley has some tips for you to enjoy your day off.



We overwork ourselves every day, so here’s our chance to continue our spring break ways and just sleep in. Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to get up in the morning and just sleep through the time you would’ve had your first class.

Catch up on homework


Just because we have the day off doesn’t mean we should slack off. If you have homework to do or catch up on, get it done with the extra free time. If you have an online class, snow days unfortunately will not stop you from having work due.


Clean your room


Probably not the most exciting, but if you really need something to do, and you probably do, you should clean up a little. You’ve been away from your apartment for the last week and depending on how you left it, now is probably the best time to put things back in their place. Put on some good music and get your life together with some organization and you’ll feel better because you did it.


Movie Day


Snow day practically screams Netflix and chill. Throw on your sweatshirt, make a cup of hot chocolate, get out the popcorn and wrap yourself in a warm blanket in bed. If you’re feeling daring watch the Harry Potter series, but it takes over 19 hours to watch so get started now. Otherwise you can watch some of your favorite shows and power through as many seasons as you can watch.


Hang with friends


It’s basically a weekend on a weekday. Go text, hit up the GroupMe, or send out a Snap and start scheming with your friends. It’s snowing so you can go sledding, have a snowball fight, or even build a snowman. On the other hand you guys can stay inside and play a card game, watch TV or play hide and seek at the Hub — for the adventurous.




Make sure you stock up on food now. Check OrderUp and GrubHub to stay out of the cold for as long as possible. You can also use this time to make your favorite meal that you wouldn’t normally have time to make.


Work out

work out

For those who live by the motto #NoDaysOff, unfortunately, the on-campus gyms will not be open tomorrow. Time to get creative and use what you have at home to get a good workout. There are a million and one makeshift workouts you can do to maintain that spring break bod.




Catch up on the book that you’ve been meaning to get to for weeks, but never really had the time to. School consumes most of the time that we have and if we’re reading it’s usually out of a textbook. Curl up on the couch and open to that page you’ve had bookmarked since winter break.


Go downtown


Bundle up because it is cold out. Explore the downtown scene and see who’s managed to stay open on a day like this. They’re crazy, but they also stayed open for us in a blizzard, so show them some love. It’s not like you’re going to find much else going on tomorrow with school closed.




Snow days are quite the gem at State, rare to find, but oh so valuable. Appreciate them for what they are and just chill out in your room all day if you want. You got to miss that test that you had, the class that you hate, that long walk in the cold all the way to Forum. These days don’t come along very often, so sit back, relax and enjoy doing what most college students love most: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Sorry if you have class after 10 pm, but for those who don’t, enjoy the day off and have fun. Valley wishes you a safe and warm snow day and here’s hoping for plenty more in the future.


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