Why Penn Staters Can’t Wait Until Spring

Enough with the freezing weather and dark nights. Enough with heavy jackets, cold walks to class, and breath that you can see in the air. Whether you love winter or you hate it, you have to admit that when it comes to the weather, good things come to those who wait. Here at Penn State, we’ve waited long enough for all the perks that come with the warmth of spring.

Valley is preparing for the beautiful days of the upcoming season with a list of things to look forward to:

Lawn Festivities

The warm, sunny Friday a little while ago gave us a taste of what we will see when the better weather hits. Students gather on the lawns of Old Main and the HUB to lay out with some friends and soak in the Vitamin D. Some set up hammocks, some chill on picnic blankets with to-go boxes of Chipotle or Panda Express, and others dust off their frisbees and footballs for a pick-up game. Whatever you choose to do, it’s hard not to be happy as a part of the outdoor crowd on nice days.

Goodbye Jackets

One of the biggest winter hassles is dressing to avoid the cold. We layer, layer, and layer some more which does not prove to be ideal on those weekend nights when our destinations are usually hot and sweaty. When the weathers warm, the jackets come off making our weekends less of a hassle and the perfect time to bring out shorts and tank tops.

Bright Nights

We can thank daylight savings for bright nights that allow us to stay out later and hang on to the last valuable moments of sunlight. No longer will our days at Penn State end at 5:30 p.m. when the darkness sets in. Instead, we’ll be able to hang on the lawns, go for late runs, eat dinner outside, or any number of things in the cool, bright evenings.

Outdoor Sports

Yes, Penn State has awesome gyms and plenty of opportunities to stay active and fit indoors. But, there’s nothing like playing sports on the vast fields in the fresh air. Gather some friends for an impromptu game of soccer on the grass or a chill tennis match on the outdoor courts. It’s a great way to clear your head and get exercise to prepare your summer bod.

Upcoming Events

There are so many events to look forward to in the spring at PSU. The Blue and White Game gives Penn Staters a little throwback to early fall with tailgates, football, and — hopefully — beautiful weather. Movin’ On brings us a mini music festival as a way to celebrate the end of the semester and unwind before finals. We don’t want to wish our year away – but we’re ready for all of the awesome things spring 2017 has to offer!

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