HQ-t’s: Where You Need to be at 9 p.m.

Photo by Ryan Salamo

In our modern society filled with everything electronic, it’s hard to grab a bite to eat with a friend and not feel like phones are taking over the conversation. While this may seem like a distraction, a new and innovative app has recently hit the app store and gone viral within days. Known for its fast-paced trivia style, HQ Live is a free and entertaining way for people to interact together to win money.

While it may seem like answering multiple choice questions is an easy task, the 12-question game gets exponentially harder as the game goes on. Plus, when the 10 second countdown begins, there isn’t much wiggle room to think about or look up the correct answer.

“The game always keeps me on my toes from the first question to the last,” says Emily Levitt, a freshman majoring in advertising and public relations. “It makes me feel really excited and gets my brain going for at least one part of the day, which is always nice.”

With millions of apps on the market, the reason HQ is gaining so much popularity is due to the fact that it’s live streaming across the globe to as many viewers as possible. The livestreaming feature gives off a very futuristic feel, allowing for all players to really feel like they’re a part of a huge “movement.”

“Even if I forget to play I don’t feel like I’m missing out because every weekday there are two opportunities to win!” says Mackenzie Press, a freshman health and human development major.

Not only is this game known for its 9 p.m. showing, but HQ also airs at 3 p.m. every weekday. Another reason for the big fan base is due to the entertaining comedian of a host, Scott Rogowsky. His corny jokes and play on word introduction make for a fun 15-minute game show.

“Scott talks a lot but keeps players interested,”says Sami Tattoli, a freshman DUS major. “I think it’s funny when he calls the players ‘H-cuties’ and when he called himself Host Malone and Quiz Khalifa.

Players aren’t just playing for the money, but in a sense, it’s a free comedy show too!

In terms of money, the usual amount given out per show is $1,500, however within just a short period of time, the company has already increased the grand prize to $2,000 a show. While giving out $2,000 is a lot on its own, certain nights throughout the week HQ gives out $10,000 or even $12,000 split amongst the winners who correctly answers all 12 questions. If you are one of the lucky winners, the money will then be transferred into your PayPal account immediately after the game ends.

VALLEY suggests you hit the app store now and download HQ Live as soon as you can. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications to get alerts when the show is going live and make sure to share your username to a friend signing up for the first time to earn an “extra life.”

Download HQ Live today, and when you hit the jackpot, don’t forget to share your winnings with VALLEY for introducing you to this great, new app!


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