James Charles: Unleash Your Inner Artist

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James Charles, one of YouTube’s biggest beauty gurus, recently released his very first, color-packed eyeshadow palette.

Partnered with Morphe Cosmetic, Charles developed The James Charles Palette – a full spectrum palette of 39 heavily pigmented shades. The palette is a mix of both eyeshadows and pressed pigments. While eyeshadows are made up of colored pigments mixed in with other ingredients, pressed pigments are pure colored pigment pressed into an eyeshadow pan.

“As an artist, I will say straight up to you guys some of these pigments are a little bit harder to work with just because you have to use slightly different techniques, but once you figure them out, they are so incredibly beautiful,” says Charles.

With mostly positive reviews the palette has been a success, and Charles is extremely satisfied with how it has turned out. Many fans were skeptical about this new project and believed that Charles was using fake swatches in a video posted on his channel.

Charles has faced many scandals in the past, but looking to prove that he truly is passionate about makeup, he is being extremely open about his new palette.


He took to Twitter to deny any conspiracies viewers had about the palette, and posted a live video on his Instagram story for anyone else who did not believe him.

Besides these viewer conspiracies, other negative reviews about the palette were that some of the colors were harder to blend together with other colors. Charles explained that it may be easier to put a base of concealer on in order for the colors to work better together and stand out more.

His video “Unleash Your Inner Artist,” which is also his promotion slogan, shows him using the palette to create a bright, multi-colored eye look. He uses Morphe’s James Charles Brush Set, his 34-piece brush collection, along with his palette to demonstrate just how he unleashed his inner artist using the bold colors that make up this palette. Charles uses almost every color in the palette to demonstrate all you can create with the beautiful pigments.

In his video, he goes into detail about the creation of the palette as well. He talks about the shade “Are You Kidding Me,” stating that the reason he named this bright red eye shadow was because he found that most red eyeshadows he’s used are more of a burnt orange – but with the red in his new palette he guarantees your eyes will stand out wearing a true red.

The palette is available at Ulta, online and in-stores everywhere, starting Nov. 16.


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