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No matter who we are, we can all strive for perfectly arched brows that pull together our whole look. What once used to belong solely to the makeup industry has now found its way into our everyday grooming routines. VALLEY has a breakdown of the various ways to achieve the brows of our dreams.


Tweezing was the beginning of most of our brow journeys, and while we’ve all had our fair share of over-plucking horror stories, tweezing is always a solid bet. When tweezing for the first time, start by removing only the hair that’s below your eyebrows – it’s a safe way to make sure that you don’t alter the shape of your brows too much. If you’re afraid of messing up or don’t even know where to start, it’s a good idea to try waxing first. Instead of keeping up with waxing every few weeks, just use the first time as a baseline to shape your brows, then maintain them with tweezing. Facial razors are also helpful paired with tweezing because they can easily get rid of excess hair in between and above your brows.


Waxing is an ideal choice for people who have lots of brow hairs or prefer to have someone else tame their brows. Waxing is a quick and easy procedure that can run anywhere from $8 to $30, and the results last about three weeks. If you don’t have the money or time for monthly brow appointments, many drug stores offer wax strips to perfect your brows on your own time. Instead of going all-in and getting super close to your brow shape, these strips are usually most helpful in removing the stray hairs above, between and on the sides of your eyebrows. A quick tweeze to get the stray hair closer to your brows will leave them looking fresh from the spa.


If waxing seems a little to harsh for you, threading is a gentler and less painful option. The price and results are usually around the same as waxing, too. The threading process is a bit like speed-tweezing — a piece of thread twists and plucks the hairs out, usually perfecting your brows in around only 15 minutes. Threading is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin or uses a retinoid since the thread has no actual contact with the skin.


Over the past couple of years, microblading has become one of the most-raved-about brow procedures, with celebrities like Khloé Kardashian, Lorde and Bella Thorne all being fans of this brow shaping alternative. When it comes to microblading, it’s almost impossible to tell if someone has had the procedure done or if they were just blessed with naturally gorgeous brows. The process involves getting tiny hair strokes tattooed where the brow hairs grow, giving the illusion of having naturally full brows. This procedure can be pretty pricey at about $400, but the results last around two years for natural brows and 3-5 years for brows that are more filled in.


If you feel like you already have a pretty good brow shape, but still like to fill in your brows, tinting may be perfect for you. Tinting your brows gives them that extra pop of definition, and the results last for around a month. There are at-home kits that offer similar results and take only around five minutes.


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