Indie-Pop Artist JAWNY Releases New Project: For Abby

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Born Jacob Sullenger from California, JAWNY released his new project on October 27, 2020, called For Abby, available at all digital retailers. He tells a story within his mixtape as he attempts to win this girl back, apologize for what he has done wrong, and fix their complicated relationship.

Reflecting the process of an average relationship, the project starts off upbeat and bold with songs “Sabotage”, which was released back in August, and “Super Bad Mantra”, an alternative pop-sounding tune explaining how he feels about his lover. On the B-Side of the “tape”, things become more sentimental and softer, as he talks about how he misses her and what they had. Tunes like “Coloring” and “4Tounce” are a bit more melancholy and give off the classic bedroom-pop sound that JAWNY’s fans recognize.

JAWNY began playing guitar at just six years old and began producing beats with his brother for SoundCloud artists. He can sing, write music, and play many different instruments. Under the name Johnny Utah, he gained some traction on Twitter and released a self-titled debut EP, and in 2019, he released his hit single, Honeypie, which landed him a record deal with Interscope Records.

Honeypie has over 120 million streams globally and has over 13 million views on YouTube. To keep himself up before he was making enough money from music, JAWNY managed a pizzeria in New Jersey and almost pursued a job in nursing, but ended up dropping out of college.

For Abby reflects JAWNY’s creativity and sincerity. Quarantine was a perfect time for many artists to create some new content like lyrics and beats. That is especially true for this project, as it was written in Sullenger’s bedroom in Los Angeles. Most sources consider JAWNY’s music to be within the pop, lo-fi, and funk genres, and he has been featured on playlists on Spotify like Ultimate Indie and Bedroom Pop.

Many upcoming indie artists like JAWNY owe a lot of their exposure to TikTok, as Honeypie became a quite popular sound on there and constantly gives a platform to music lovers to share their favorite tunes. It is not uncommon to see people posting their current favorite songs or best playlists for others to appreciate. A ton of other small artists have gained traction from TikTok since it has gained so many users since the pandemic began.

JAWNY was also involved with other popular musician, Doja Cat, for a brief amount of time, although they split in February 2020, but they are still on good terms with each other.

For any music lovers, VALLEY recommends giving For Abby a listen, especially his songs Honeypie, 4Tounce, and For Abby.



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