How To Stay Cute and Comfy in Quarantine

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During this time of uncertainty, it’s easy to lose sight on normal routines. With nothing much to look forward to aside from waking up to sit by a computer for class, work or other responsibilities, for most people, the desire to put yourself together as usual is no longer there. However, going to class online or working from home doesn’t have to be so boring. In fact, dressing cute to sit in bed, on your couch, or at your desk all day can put more pep in your step and motivate you to do your best. 

First, you have to make sure you’re starting your day as you would if you weren’t at home. Try setting an alarm to wake yourself up, then move on to your normal skin-care and bathroom routine. Take a quick shower if need be, and head to your kitchen to brew up some tea or coffee. Once you have time to settle into your morning, it’s time to find a cute, yet comfortable outfit for the day. VALLEY has some great ideas for what you can wear for your online class or to work from home. 

Matching Sets
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Who doesn’t love a matching set? These can consist of a tank top with shorts, a cropped sweatshirt with joggers or even a T-shirt with sweats. This matching set from Urban Outfitters is the perfect outfit to wear to sit in bed, but also to jump on a Zoom call for class at a moment’s notice (in case you forget you have to still go to class). It’s cute, casual and will make you feel like you’re put together and ready to take on the day. 

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A jumpsuit is one of the most versatile articles of clothing anyone can own. It’s easy to dress it up and dress it down, and regardless of how you style it, you’ll be comfortable either way. This jumpsuit from Target will have you feeling relaxed sitting in bed, but can also have you looking presentable enough to go to your noon meeting if need be. Throw on some accessories to dress it up if you want to feel a little more glam. 

Oversized Hoodies
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You can’t go wrong with an oversized hoodie. Hoodies are great for lounging around, but also staying warm if your living environment is a little bit chilly. Oversized hoodies are great to wear with an oversized T-shirt that you may already be sporting. This hoodie from Aerie is perfect to pair with a fun pair of leggings, biker shorts or sweatpants for the ultimate comfort feel. 

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