How the Fashion Community is Helping Fight COVID-19

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From gowns to masks, there’s nothing these designers can’t do as they lend a helping hand in the fight against COVID-19. Following pleas on TV from nurses, doctors, politicians and more, designers have stepped up to the plate to provide medical essentials to combat the rapidly diminishing nationwide supply.

United States

During a press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pleaded for the help of anybody who can assist with either the production or donation of resources to make supplies for those on the frontline of the pandemic.

Project Runway alum and winner, Christian Siriano, took to Twitter to let Governor Cuomo know that he and his team are ready to help. Siriano and his team are creating masks following FDA guidelines and donating them to hospitals around New York. Siriano also noted that these masks may not be 100% protective, but they are there to help and give peace of mind to professional healthcare workers and other essential workers.

In an interview with Chris Cuomo, Siriano stated differences between the traditional medical masks and the ones his team produces not only lie in the fit but also function, as the masks allows for multiple uses. Traditionally, these masks are for one-time use only, whereas Siriano is producing washable and bleach-able masks.

After working on the logistics with Governor Cuomo, Siriano and his team were ready to distribute more than 1,000 masks and continue producing them as the fight continues.

Announced via Twitter, GAP Inc. stated that it will be producing and delivering personal protective equipment (PPE) products as well as using the company’s resources to create masks and gowns for medical professionals on the front-lines.

Following alongside Siriano, fellow Project Runway alum Michael Costello is now focusing his attention on producing and manufacturing more masks in the Los Angeles area, making sure to create a product with a high filtration rate.

Brandon Maxwell, founder and creative director of his self-titled luxury fashion brand, went on all platforms to announce how he and his team will also be aiding in relief efforts.


Home to one of the fashion capitals of the world, many Italian fashion houses are now doing everything they can to help the community and country by redirecting their focus and offering donations.

Giorgio Armani has donated millions of euros to aid hospitals and organizations in Italy as they combat this unprecedented issue that the world is facing. On March 27, the Armani team announced that they will be shifting their focus and resources at all Italian production plants and begin creating single use overalls for healthcare workers.

“The difficult situation we are experiencing affects not only Italy, but the entire world. It is only through unity and collaboration that we will be able to achieve great results,” Armani stated.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Prada has aided not only in the production and daily delivery of their of medical overalls and masks, but by donating six ICUs to Milan hospitals, too.

Gucci, based in Italy, took to social media to announce its plans for relief efforts, outlining where funds will be dispersed in Italy and around the world for various organizations, including the World Health Organization.


Sandro Paris has launched a multitude of campaigns not only focusing on relief efforts in its home country of France, but worldwide. Helping the public through the creation of masks, the brand plans to distribute the products across France and Europe with the intent of also providing relief to the American public. Additionally, Sandro has created a number of initiatives, including Sandro’s Family Breakfast and the creation of a graphic tee. All proceeds benefit the Red Cross.

LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SE) announced online that the multinational corporation plans on using its resources to donate to healthcare workers across France. In addition to donating masks, the brand will be changing the focus of its manufacturing facilities from producing cosmetics and perfume to producing hydroalcoholic gel, a disinfectant.


Fashion brand MANGO has pledged to help Spanish hospitals by donating 2 million masks.

One of the worlds largest fashion retailers, Inditex, best known for owning the clothing brand Zara, has continuously produced and distributed masks across Spain. With the intent of continuing the production of masks, the retailer plans to create more PPEs in the form of gowns and scrubs.

Through the collective action of the fashion industry, people worldwide will benefit from the donations and collaboration as everyone combats and protects one another from this pandemic.

Here at VALLEY, we urge you all to take precautions and follow the guidelines that have been put in place to stay safe and remain healthy.



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