How To Remove Your Makeup 101

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Let’s be honest. Most nights we’re too tired from a long day of classes, work or a night out to even touch the eye cream or think about exfoliating. While having a skincare routine down to the exact science is something all wish to carry out every night, we often leave makeup on overnight or gravitate towards a makeup wipe to get the job done.

Depending on the handy-dandy makeup wipe to cleanse your face at the end of the night may seem tempting, but VALLEY has put together some tips and tricks to properly washing your face so that you can wake up feeling 100% refreshed and glowing.

Ditch the Makeup Wipe

What can actually happen to your skin if you simply use a makeup wipe as a cleanser? According to an article by Glamour, makeup remover wipes don’t actually clean your skin. Instead, they take off the lop layer of your makeup leaving behind access makeup, dirt and dry skin that can clog your pores and cause irritation.

According to Glamour, using makeup wipes at the start of your skincare routine is beneficially for removing makeup only if it is followed by an appropriate cleanser.

Double Cleansing

A lot of times, washing with a cleanser and water isn’t enough to remove all of the makeup, dirt and dry skin from your face. Have you ever noticed access makeup and dirt on your skin even after you’ve throughly cleansed it?

According to an article from Elle, double cleansing can have a major impact on properly removing all of your makeup. Double cleansing consists of using products such as cleansing oils and micellar water to break down the makeup and then using a water-base cleanser, specifically one that removes makeup, for a deeper clean.

The most important aspect of double cleansing is to take your time. According to an article from Allure, you should be making sure to cleanse areas such as your hairline, chin and even around your ears in ensure that your makeup is really truly off,

Cleansing Oils

Using cleansing oils in your skincare routine has become popular trend ever since experts issued the importance of double cleansing. Cleansing oils such as the Clinique “Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil” from, the BareMinerals “Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil” from or even coconut oil from your local grocery store, work to break down makeup by dissolving oils from the products. According to an article from Essence, using cleansing oils can also help balance the oil production of your skin as well as improve the it’s texture.


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