Going for the chop

Every girl knows the indecisive feeling of wanting to switch up her hairstyle. We have all considered a hair chop, but whether we went for it or didn’t, the lingering question always remains: what is the right decision? If you can’t get the idea out of your head, here’s a list of pros and cons to help aid your verdict.

It’s good to switch things up sometimes

We’ve all been through a point where we craved change. Whether you’re experiencing anything from a breakup to an existential crisis, sometimes a physical alteration can be a healthy outlet to express yourself. If you’re not going through something, a fun new haircut can be a funky way to switch up your identity!

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It feels so healthy

It is getting to that point in the year where the end of our hair is so dead. The fall weather has a funny way of drying out the ends like no other. So, it’s just time for the dead ends to go. What’s an easy fix? Cut them off! A nice little trim or a full-on chop will do; it really just depends on your preference.

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It’s so much easier to manage

If you’re the kind of person who has to wake up an hour before class to style your long hair, it’s time to experience the ease of rolling out of bed with ready-to-go hair. Showering and letting your hair air-dry is quick and easy. So, if this is what you’re looking for, head to Pinterest to check out some new looks!

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It’s such a drastic change in the beginning

Looking at yourself in the mirror after a big cut can be like staring at a completely different person. There’s a chance that you might even hate it at first. Perhaps starting by cutting a few inches off could help transition you into loving your new ‘do!

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The dreaded middle length

There is the possibility that you absolutely hate it. If you’ve gone from mid-waist length hair to shoulder length, you might just want your long hair back. Starting the growing out process can be long and tedious. It can even take years to get it back to what you once had. You have to be ready for this and prepare for some awkward middle lengths while you wait it out.  

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There are limited hairstyles

With long hair, there isn’t much that you can’t do. You can curl it, braid it, put it in a bun or even make it stick straight up and down if you want! But with short hair, there aren’t many options. You can stick with a cute half-up half-down look if a ponytail isn’t in the cards, but if you are suffering a greasy hair day, a hat might be the best option.  

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Going for a new hairstyle can be scary. Once you’ve weighed out the pros and cons, you’ve got to make the best decision for you. Talk to your hairstylist and see what they think. After all, they are the professionals and know what’s best for your hair texture and face shape. If they give you the okay, go for it; what else is there to lose?


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