Dye-ing to be Different: How to Color Your Hair Without Killing It

Nowadays, it’s so common to see people with multicolored hair walking around. Dyed hair is such a fun trend, but how can you participate without damaging or weakening your hair? The solution: semi-permanent dye! It allows you to hop on the trend without much of the commitment or damage that permanently dyeing your hair comes with.

How does semi-permanent dye work?

Permanent dyes damage your hair by lifting the hair cuticle (which is not supposed to be lifted), stripping away your natural color, and then replacing it with the dye color. Rinsing your hair afterward returns the cuticle to its original position but at that point, it has already been damaged. Semi-permanent dyes, though, work by simply adhering color to the outer layers of your hair, without actually changing your natural hair color at all. Since they are not replacing your natural color, they usually wash out within a few weeks, depending on how often you shampoo your hair.

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All About oVertone

Technically not a dye, oVertone is a color-depositing conditioner that works by depositing pigment onto your hair as you continue to use it. They sell color treatments and conditioners that do not contain any of the chemicals that will harm or dry out your hair. They provide a great way to get semi-permanent hair color without any damage, or even a way to touch up your current color without having to make expensive trips to the hair salon. The length at which it will stay in your hair depends on what your original hair color is, how porous your hair is and how much you use the conditioner. All of their products are also vegan and cruelty-free!

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No Need to Panic, try Manic Panic!

Manic Panic is a brand that was started by two sisters (who were originally backup singers for the band Blondie) in New York City. It is another vegan and cruelty- free brand that aims to “spread their brand of radical glamour throughout the galaxy!” The dye contains properties that allow it to act as a sort of conditioning hair treatment and restore hair that has been damaged. It works by staining your hair, so it lasts different lengths based on your beginning hair color and which dye you choose to use. This brand has been rocked by celebrities for years, and 15% of profits are donated to charities.

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Punky Colour

Punky Colour is a brand that focuses on bringing you bright, punk scene-inspired colors. It also acts as a conditioning treatment and is recommended only as a sort of highlighter for darker hair. It is vegan and paraben-free, and it’ll usually last between 5 and 40 washes, depending on your hair color and how often you wash it.

Things to Consider

It is very important to always read the instructions on the dyes before applying them. When applying them, follow the directions exactly so as to avoid damage to your hair, skin, etc. Remember that you should never use these dyes to dye your eyebrows or eyelashes and that they should never come into contact with your eyes.

Additionally, sometimes people have allergic reactions to hair dyes, so it’s important to do a strand test (test the dye on a small patch of hair) before dyeing large sections or your whole head.

Changing your hair color can be a difficult decision, but with less permanent choices, you have the freedom to experiment with all of the colors of the rainbow!



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