How To Become a LinkedIn Influencer

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Move over Instagram — LinkedIn is the new form of social media that college students are using everyday. From internship to networking opportunities, LinkedIn is the social media platform that Jordan Belfort wishes he could have used. 

With over 810 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has created an online community devoted to so-called “career clout.” Users can share their job offers, promotions and certifications that advance their career path. 

To keep up with other social media platforms, LinkedIn has developed the LinkedIn Influencer Program. Limited to invite-only, the program endorses popular LinkedIn users that post engaging and trendy content. Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, and Mary Barra are few of the major names included in the program.

Although the exact qualifying criteria for LinkedIn influencers is unclear, VALLEY has put together a guide for those looking to achieve similar forms of “clout” on the social media platform.  

1. Connect, Connect, Connect!

Having 500+ connections is the bare minimum for being a part of the LinkedIn Influencer Program. This number may sound intimidating, but it’s actually not that difficult to achieve. 

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VALLEY recommends connecting with others who have similar interests and backgrounds as you. Typically, Penn State students will connect with other students in their major or clubs on LinkedIn.

2. Post Engaging and Informative Content

What’s worse than not having a LinkedIn at all? Posting boring content. 

To ensure that your posts are seen by others, you should consider the nature of your content. LinkedIn has a series of reaction buttons, in which you can like, celebrate, support and more for a post or update. 

This reaction algorithm also enables other users, even ones who you are not currently connected with to see your content. For example, when your connections react to your post or job update, it will filter this post on their other connections feed. 

Check out this example of engaging content below: 

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3. Be Different

Since LinkedIn is such a big platform, VALLEY recommends creating content that stands out compared to typical posts. 

A prime example of this is LinkedIn user Emily Vu’s resume, which gained major attention on LinkedIn following her job offer from Spotify: 

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So, don’t be afraid to be different! Develop customized banners and humorous content that will attract new audiences.

4. Plan Events

Nowadays, it’s almost too easy to plan events online. 

To take your LinkedIn account to the next level, consider creating networking or informational events tailored to your connections’ interests. This will be sure to establish your credibility in the career field. 

Here is an example of a LinkedIn event below:

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5. Be Genuine

An important aspect of LinkedIn that may have been lost is genuineness. To up your LinkedIn game, avoid posting content that comes off as insincere or artificial.

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