Health Supplements: Must-have or Total Gimmick?

CocoCheng.SupplementsDo they work.3We’ve all seen the MTWRFSS brightly and largely labeled pill containers. Initially written off as intended for people 65 and older, these containers may be more helpful than you think.

There are thousands upon thousands of different supplements available on the market. Everything from fish oil to Biotin are available – and trust me, more people are consuming these than you’d think.

However, the real question is whether or not these supplements are actually the miracle pills they claim to be. Are they simply a gimmick for people who wish to improve their health without completely changing their lifestyle?

Everyone’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, religiously believes in taking supplements to improve ones daily health. He has hosted several episodes about supplements and how he strongly believes they are extremely beneficial. Bur there are thousands of supplements out there, how could one possibly decide which to take?

Even Dr. Oz himself says it’s impossible to take all of the needed supplements a day stating on his own website that he, “…by no means expects you to take every single supplement that’s mentioned on the show.”

But what about those few individuals who claim that supplements are gimmicks and money-making machines? Well, these individuals are partially correct. If a person has a perfect diet (“perfect” being fairly impossible to achieve under any college gals schedule) then sure you do not need to take supplements.

However, not only most college students, but also most people period, do not eat 100% correctly, which in turn makes these supplements a healthy addition to our everyday diets.

Next time you’re shopping with your grandmother or health conscious mother (story of my existence) don’t dismiss their advice about taking your daily fish oil pill! And if you cannot swallow your pride and listen to your mother, than just remind yourself that Dr. Oz agrees wholeheartedly.

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