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Classroom StyleOne of the first, consistent men in our lives was our father.  One of the first, consistent tasks was bathing.  One of the first consistent accessories? The Backpack. Since the first day of Pre-K, as we were reluctantly given pigtails, a dress with an apple embroidered on the chest and a Disney princess lunchbox, we’ve learned to always remember our backpacks before running out the front doorstep!

The styles evolved from Princesses in Kindergarten, Superheroes in the Second Grade, Pop stars in middle school to plain, signature brands like Northface and L.LBean in High School. However, the consistent need for a backpack was always there.

What’s the next step of the evolution? Now that we’re older (and trendier) there are many more alternatives and ways to make your “Backpack” a standout, rather than an annoyance.  Below are our fav 5!


Love a chevron or intricate Aztec print?  This is an easy way to tae the structure of a typical bag but add a fun twist!


Backpacks can be too large if all you’re carrying is a notebook and some pens.  If you pack lightly, try a miniature backpack.  Still the same convenience of having your arms/hands free but with less of a load on your shoulders.

THE bag

Almost a dress code for girls here on our campus, that signature oversized handbag.

Bedazzle Me

Crafty?  Try giving the backpack you already have a facelift!  Add beading or rinestoning to quickly amp up the sophistication without having to make a new purchase.

The Messenger Bag

Ok, I know we all tried this out in Middle School and dismissed it quickly after but messenger bags have made a comeback ladies! They are not only cute but super convenient and with a variety of styles to best fit your personality!

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