Sorority Rush Week: Don’t Forget the Basics

victoriaoberdorf_rushweekremindersRush is arguably the craziest, most exciting and nerve-wracking 2-week period of a girl’s college career.  You have to remain calm, cool and collecting figuratively and literally (no actually, it gets very hot inside the rooms) while making a great first impression.  One of the biggest blunders is getting so caught up in all of the details of rush that you forget the basics.

When you go out at night what do you bring? Do you bring your whole closet? No. You bring a clutch with the basics.  Below are our list of “basics” that you can’t forget during rush.

Be yourself

This seems simple.  How could you be anyone other than yourself?  Girls get so caught up in trying to fit in somewhere, but that is not how the process should work.  You should look for a sorority that reflects you, not change yourself to be in a sorority.

Don’t Listen to rumors

Girls can be mean – we all know this.  People may not always have your best interest at heart.  Rumors can start from a simple inoffensive fact and transpire into a huge controversial blatant lie.  Bottom line. Don’t listen to them.

Be polite

No one likes rude people.  Make sure to use your best manners.  Pretend you’re at a dinner with your boyfriend’s parents.  Be gracious, smile and censor your word choice.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene!

After 5 hours of screaming, in hot, crowded rooms, you can feel disgusting.  Shower each day and bring mints or chapstick in your clutch.  You’ll need little refreshers throughout the day.

Keep an open mind

You’ll never know what actually feels good until you’re in the situation.  While you may have your heart set on BLANK, you may discover that that isn’t the best fit for you but you love BLANK instead.  That’s perfectly OK.  Keeping an open mind and heart will ensure that you end up where you truly belong.

Good Luck!

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf

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