Wearing White After Labor Day

Vavreck_WhiteLaborday1Rules were made to be broken – at least in this case.  Whoever came up with the “No White” after Labor Day rule wasn’t thinking quite straight.  Have they ever heard of winter whites?  White is the purest, most clean, color that should be worn and celebrated every season.  However, we do agree that there are a few do’s and don’ts to avoid making this color look like you’re headed to the beach.

DO make sure to pair it with darker colors.  Using white and a darker color together really accents both the white and the color while still making the outfit season appropriate.

DON’T wear an all white outfit past Labor Day.  An all white outfit can be too overwhelming for the winter months.  Also, it is very difficult to coordinate the exact shades of white, which can often make “All White” outfits look mismatched.

DO make sure each piece is season appropriate.  Wearing that sheer, white, tank under a blazer will be sure to look out of place.

DON’T dismiss off-whites and eggshell hues.  Who says “white” should be limited to pure, bridal white.  Off-whites, eggshells and beiges are easy, pretty and less intense ways to get away with wearing white even during the coldest of seasons.

DO experiment.  You’ll never know what works for you until you try it!  So don’t be afraid to pair those white skinnies with a fur vest in October or that crème dress with beige riding boots.  Have fun with it.

Photo by Alex Vavreck

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