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SiruWen.BlackpeoplehairtipsLet’s just admit it: State College isn’t exactly a hair haven if you happen to have hair that needs a relaxer, a weave or a hot comb. Even though it may be tempting and seem easy to let your hair go a little, remember these four words: Gabby Douglas hair debate.

Somewhere, someone will be checking out your do. So, what’s a girl to do?

Shamel Green, a junior from Pittsburgh majoring in sociology, does her own hair and others’ hair as well. She knows that it can be hard getting what you need in a different environment – when you don’t have your stylists from home.

“One time, I went into a beauty supply store to get styling gel because I wanted to do a Mohawk,” Green says. “And the lady had no idea what I was talking about. She said she was an expert in ethnic hair but she had no idea about gel beyond the kind you apparently use to flat-iron your hair.”

Trying to express a certain hairstyle can sometimes feel like speaking another language. Five products Green says she cannot live without are a good shampoo, a good conditioner, grease, heat protection serum and a flat iron.

“I really value my hair’s health and look,” Green says.

Even though Green primarily keeps braids in her hair and adds weave or extensions, many of her hair habits apply to every style.

When washing hair, mix a little conditioner into the shampoo. Many shampoos are very drying to the hair so moisture needs to be added every step of the way to keep hair healthy and soft.

Wash hair with shampoo once every two weeks but make sure to condition or give the hair a hot-oil treatment in between. A lot of dirt accumulates over time so it’s important to give the hair a clean slate for a good moisturizing. Which brings us to…

Moisturize the hair at least once a week. Especially in harsh, drying winter air. Use a grease to moisturize a scalp and a lighter hair lotion for the actual hair strands.

Protect the hair. After washing it, dry it with a clean, white T-shirt. That is softer and gentler for the hair than towels. If possible, let the hair air-dry. If you do need to use heat to style it or dry it, make sure to use a heat protection serum. 

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but her hair can be her crowning glory. Be adventurous and explore your options. Who knows? You may be the next one in the magazines rocking a new look.

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