Secrets From the Experts: Contouring Makes All The Difference

JennNagel.MakeupContouringContouring is an easy way to add definition to the face and enhance different features, and it’s not just for the pros. With the right techniques and products, any girl can create a gorgeous makeup look that accents her natural beauty! Valley sat down with Esthetician Lori Murphy at Designer’s Denn Salon & Spa to learn all the tricks needed to master the art of contouring.

Contouring is all about applying makeup in a way that will enhance the structure of the face. Depending on what you would like to bring out or what you would like to hide, different methods can be used. This is achieved through highlighting with very light powers or pencils, and darkening with bronzers.

Choosing the right products is the key to getting the desired look. To highlight a certain feature, a white pencil or powder will be used to brighten the area.

“I like a wider pencil, and you want it to be matte, not shiny,” Murphy says.

For reducing a particular area, pressed bronzing powder will be the choice of product. Murphy recommends mineral makeup by Jane Iredale.

If you’re looking to reduce an area, turn to your bronzer for an easy fix. To create a defined, prominent chin, apply bronzer along the jaw-line and blend it downward.

“Something dark will bring out the lightness of the face,” she says.

The same idea can be used to create a straight, defined nose. Blend bronzer or a dark eye shadow on each side of the nose to bring out the bridge.

To define a facial feature, use the white powder as a brightening agent. For example, draw a line along the cheekbone and blend it with blush to give the appearance of fuller cheeks. This method can be used for the brow-bone as well, just use powder or a pencil to draw a line right under the eyebrow.

“That will automatically highlight what you want, and take away what you don’t,” Murphy says.

Be sure to brighten before applying foundation, so the makeup will blend easily.

Photo by Jennifer Nagel

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