Got Milk?

Photo by Hunter Talpas

Let’s talk about milk, baby.

The underrated star liquid— milk. Whenever you sit down for a bowl of cereal or want something to go with that delicious Insomnia cookie, you reach for milk. But which one? There are so many milks that exist it’s almost unbelievable!

Starting with the basics we have the “normal” dairy milks: 1%, 2%, whole milk and fat free. These labels stand for the amount of fat present or legally allowed to be printed on the milk label. So 1% milk has 1-1.5% of fat and 2% has 2-2.5% and so on.

Coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk and soy milk are the milks that get really interesting. Here’s some quick facts about these milks:

As expected, coconut milk and almond milk have a nutty taste, but did you know each offer 50% more calcium than dairy milk? Or what about cashew milk? It’s a creamier milk and has fewer calories than skim milk! Finally, we have soy milk, which comes from soybeans and like the other milks it offers 50% more calcium than dairy milk, but it also has the lactose and cholesterol removed. Because milk has so many minerals, proteins and vitamins, no matter which you chose you’ll be making a good choice!

So, let’s get a little more creative with our milk selection. Whether you have a lactose intolerance or just want to sweeten things up with a little flavor, try widening your milk horizons!