Why I Only Wash My Hair Twice A Week

One of the most entertaining things I can do is tell people, “I only washed my hair once this week,” and watch their reactions. I know it sounds crazy, but less washing has made my hair and life so much better.

How It Started

There’s nothing I love doing more over the summer than amplifying my beauty routine. That being said, after reading about how Kim Kardashian goes four days without washing her hair, I knew I had to try it. Kardashian qualms aside, there’s no denying that Kim has enviable shine to her hair. With my frizzy mane, I’ll take all the help I can get. I decided that I was only going to wash my hair once every four days and see how it works out. (Hint: it was amaaazing!)

The Adjustment Process

Getting started with minimal washing is a tough process. Hair gets slightly dependent over time on the cleaning that shampoo provides, so when you stop washing it as much, the grease goes through the roof. It was difficult couple of days but I knew I had to pull through.

Post-Wash Day 1:

On day one I had minimal grease, but definitely enough to have me debating my decision to not wash my hair. I also decided to invest in a shower cap to make this process easier on myself. (Shower caps are also awesome for lazy days – totally worth getting).

Day 2:

On the second day post-wash I definitely had a lot more oil in my hair than I did the day before, but it was nothing a little Batiste dry shampoo couldn’t fix! This stuff is actually a godsend for anyone looking to skip regular hair-washing. Also, if you’re like me and tend to flip your hair a lot like you’re Cher from Clueless, there will definitely be some stringiness, so avoid touching your hair too much when weaning your it off of it’s shampoo dependency.

Day 3:

This day was definitely a bun day; there was no way around it. No matter how much dry shampoo I doused into my hair, it was not working. But being me, I was adamant to continue the process so I just threw my hair up and got on with my life. It was definitely not a painful process in retrospect, but annoying enough to make me wonder how or why Kim K could even do it!

Day 4:

Ah! Finally a wash day! I spent the whole day at home and let all the oils build up, and then I washed them out at night. Honestly, my hair felt so much healthier after shampooing and there was already less frizz in my texture. The result was rewarding enough for me to continue the process throughout the summer.

Tip: always try to use a sulfate-free shampoo, as it’s less drying on your hair – especially all you fellow curly-headed ladies out there.

The Result

Over time my hair has been reacting better to the four-day shampoo breaks as the weeks go by. It’s definitely worth trying for girls with color-treated hair or dry, frizz-prone hair. After a while your hair adjusts and you’ll have a lot less oil in your hair. Overall, twice-a-week washing is truly amazing and definitely one of the best things I did for my hair. Plus, as a sometimes lazy college student, there’s nothing better than having one less daily responsibility!

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