Flowers to Refresh for Finals

As the spring Zoom semester continues, many have already lost motivation to wrap everything up. In the final weeks, it is essential to keep pushing, but also take care of yourself. Flowers are a great thing to have because they help motivate as well as give the owner something pretty to look at. There are many different places to get flowers if they are difficult to find nearby, like George’s Flower Boutique, College Gardens, Woodrings Floral Gardens, and more. Although, they are beginning to bloom everywhere outside.

Flowers bring a colorful and fun aesthetic to a space as well as help improve air quality. They provide more oxygen, helping clean the space without any effort. NASA research reports that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Plus, plants release small amounts of water vapor into the air, acting like a mild humidifier.

In addition to making the air quality better, owning flowers can boost productivity, something essential as finals begin to creep up. Many owners claim that people are more likely to take care of their daily tasks if they have something to get them up for the day. It is similar to why many people get a pet, but with much less responsibility.

Something to keep in mind is that flowers are generally a more short-term plant when indoors compared to succulents or cacti. Many different flowers can also just be found outdoors and put in water as a free option to give temporary decoration. So, there are options.

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Buttercups are an adorable option that are incredibly easy to find around State College. They bring a light, happy color to a room and would be perfect picked wild and thrown in a jar with water. Buttercups would be a great, small decoration for a desk or small table.

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There is an insane number of daffodils blooming currently on campus. This is the perfect situation to cut a couple and throw them in water. They come in a bright yellow as well as white to bring happy energy into a living space.

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Tulips are quite easy to find at almost any grocery store or flower shop, especially in the spring. They come in a ton of different colors and can be found either in a bouquet or planted in a pot. A pot may be a bit more expensive but should last longer.

The downtown farmer’s market on Locust Lane also has a large arrangement of flowers to buy every Tuesday and Friday from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm. It starts up again the first week of May, so plant lovers can stock up on some fresh flowers as they grind through finals.

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