Feel-good Youtubers For A Bad Day

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Everyone has the occasional bad day where all you want to do is lie in bed and not talk to anyone. Take it from VALLEY— that is more than okay. Sometimes all you need is a day to not have any responsibilities and to refresh yourself. One way to relax and have a mindless couple of hours to yourself is to watch YouTube. If you do not have any YouTubers in mind or are struggling to find some feel-good content, don’t worry! The influencers mentioned below are bound to make you laugh, smile or even change your mindset for the day

Cody Ko & Kelsey Kreppel
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If you are looking for some laughs or even to crack a smile, we highly recommend you check out either of these couple’s channels. Despite them being newly engaged and always together, the pair have made an effort to create their own channels in order to show their personalities individually.

Cody has become known for his effortless humor and reaction videos that have brought him to his fame. Kelsey on the other hand has created her channel for the vlog aspect of things. Even though her videos consist of the days in her life, there is some humor added to them as well.

Hannah Meloche
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Hannah Meloche has been a popular Youtuber for a couple of years now. Ever since she decided to make her big move to Hawaii, people have been loving her content. Not only does she show the beautiful wonders of the island, but she also shows the amazing relationships she has made.

She, along with many other influencers, has normalized that it is okay not to be okay. She has created many videos explaining her struggles and how normal it is to feel like nothing is going right. If you are needing a little pick me up, her videos will be sure to do the trick. Positivity is so important and she seems to preach it often.

Boho Beautiful
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As much as you want to lie in bed all day, which is totally fine, it might feel nice on your mind and body to do some light movement. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, just some stretching will do.

Boho Beautiful is known for her relaxing and effective yoga and meditation videos. In some of her videos, you stay on the ground the entire time, which can be perfect if you are looking for something minimal. She and her husband have a variety of videos for anything you are looking for. It won’t hurt to check their channel out to see if anything appeals to you!

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Whatever you decide to do when you are having a bad day is perfectly fine. Whether it’s watching Youtube all day or trying out some new yoga, whatever makes you feel best is what matters. Most importantly, keep in mind that every bad day will pass. You have so much ahead of you and it is only twenty-four hours out of your long beautiful life. You got this!

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