Tana Mongeau Returns to YouTube

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While many believe she is known as the “CEO of controversy,” Tana Mongeau has made her way back to YouTube after eight months of not posting.

Mongeau, who is known for being involved in multiple scandals and her “party girl” persona, got her start on YouTube in 2015 telling insane stories about her life as a teen in Las Vegas.

In 2021, she focused more on her success on other platforms, like Instagram, her podcast “CANCELLED” and TikToks with celebrities like Harry Jowsey from “Too Hot To Handle” and Bryce Hall.

Photo posted by @Tanamongeau on Instagram
Mongeau’s Latest YouTube Video

On Oct. 27, 2021, Mongeau posted a video titled, “My stalker is back… but so am I: storytime (finally exposing his identity).”

In the video, Mongeau talks about her break, what she has been up to and a storytime about her stalker — which she had talked about in videos years ago.

Mongeau recently split from her ex-boyfriend, rapper Chris Miles. She described their relationship as the most toxic relationship she has been in in a while, mentioning how she feels she has romanticized toxicity in relationships.

In the past, Mongeau has been in relationships with Bella Thorne, Noah Cyrus, Brad Sousa and even got “married” to Jake Paul.

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Alongside her toxic relationships, she talks about depression and how she is currently being sued by her parents.

Some parts of the video are a projection of the “new” Mongeau that the internet will see. She talks about her mental health and friendships and how moving forward, she is putting herself first. Mongeau also hints to the audience about stories she plans on telling in the future.

Later in the video, the style reflects her past videos with her detailed storytelling and yelling, all while getting ready.

The story is her talking about how her stalker has been tormenting her and her friends again. She details instances of him potentially breaking into her home and messing with her things.

Mongeau’s New Outlook

While Mongeau has created a reputation for being a crazy and fun party girl, her return to YouTube reveals what may be a shift from her previous internet presence.

Toxic relationships, family problems and mental health are all serious things that Mongeau has been dealing with. While social media normally paints a picture-perfect life for most influencers, Mongeau seems to want to be more authentic online.

While she still admits to using FaceTune on her Instagram posts, Mongeau opening up about her struggles is a sign that the internet might truly get to know the real Tana Mongeau.



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