“Reality House” is Back and Better Than Ever

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Finally — after almost two years of anticipation, “Reality House,” presented by YouTubers Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, has returned with season three. This time around, the prize amount is $100,000, which is double that of previous seasons, as well as different rules and a whole new cast participating in the challenges.

The eight cast members that Lawley and Caylen brought onto this season are Tana Mongeau, Bryce Hall, Kane Trujillo, Peter Vigilante, Louie Castro, Camilla Colbro, Embodoe and lavagrlll (Mariah). The variety of the cast being YouTubers, TikTok stars and Twitch streamers brings a mix of personalities and experiences.

Photo posted by @Kianandjc on Instagram

One of the most twisting new rules of this season is there are no eliminations — Lawley and Caylen refer to it as a “K&J twist.” In the previous seasons, losing a challenge resulted in leaving the house; some fans of the show felt that the change was because of Tana Mongeau, as she refused to even compete in the first challenge — to climb up a rock wall.

Mongeau holds a strong following as she has become more of a celebrity over the years, gaining popularity through her scandals and dating history. People felt that this show needed Mongeau to stay on to gain higher ratings, and it was assumed she would not want to participate in the challenges since it is not really what she is known to do; even Lawley and Caylen joked about it during the show in the time stamp below.

YouTubers are known to have brand deals, so it is not a shock that Lawley and Caylen have a few this season to help produce “Reality House.” The companies represented in this project during the show are Avantstay, Current and SeatGeek.

Another new feature this season is the money card, which is able to be spent in the “K&J Store” thanks to Current. Competitors gain money based on how well they do in regular challenges and new head-to-head battles. The better the contestants do, the more money they receive, with which they can purchase things like advantages and disadvantages for sabotaging their opponents. There are also material items such as premium alcohol and a private bedroom.

Photo posted by @Kianandjc on Instagram

In the third episode, Lawley and Caylen revealed one of the most surprising “K&J twists” yet: bringing back old contestants to battle the losing team in head-to-head challenges. FouseyTube and Taylor Blake from Season Two returned to go up against Peter Vigilante and Tana Mongeau, after which 50% of the losing team’s earnings goes toward the winning team.

The first episode was released Nov. 19, and the new episodes can be found on YouTube every Friday at 12 p.m. PST at “Kian and Jc” on YouTube. They also sell KNJ merchandise, which can be found here.


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