Fashionable in the Sun: Bathing Suit Cover-ups

JonathanHsieh.BathingSuitCoversThe last week of school is finally here. With summer quickly approaching and finals week soon after, many of you have probably switched your focus to the warm weather and with warm weather comes beaches.

You’ll finally be able to head out to your favorite shore spot wearing your favorite bikini. For this relaxed time, you probably don’t want to scamper around in just your bikini but you definitely don’t want to cover up completely, especially after you’ve lathered yourself in tanning oil all day long. Instead, opt for one of the many cover-up options available.

Beach Dress

This is a very reliable and favorite of many girls. These dresses always come in all sorts of fun patterns and colors and it’s so simple to throw one over your bikini with a pair of flip-flops.


Whether it’s a full dress or just a top, tunics are a great cover-up option. The billowy fabric allows it to flow freely and not stick to your body, which is perfect after a day of tanning oils, sun block and seawater.


Sarongs are probably the most versatile of all of the beach cover-ups. You can tie them around your waist and use them as a skirt, tie them higher for a dress or go crazy and try your own style. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it, so just have fun with it! Best part, they come in a whole range of colors and patterns so you’ll have a large selection to choose from.

So this summer, when you’re headed out to the beach with your friends, throw on of these fun cover-ups over your bikini. Wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a top might be your go-to beachwear, but needs those anymore when you have such fun and stylish beach options?

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh

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