First Week Fashion

Welcome back ladies, school is in session!  Time for new classes, new friends and new school fashion. The first week of school can be crucial to those looking to make the best out of their wardrobe for the upcoming season. For others, it may be a time to go with a chill look and master the “messy bun” hairstyle.  Whether this sounds like you, or you’re somewhere in between the two extremes, your personal style is one of the best ways to show your personality and interest, especially during the first week of school.  Last week Valley caught up with some of our Penn State girls to find out what inspired their first week fashion.

Chioma Maduforo
Major: Health Policy and Administration
Year: Junior

photo 1

Chioma is spotted wearing a boho- inspired outfit, highlighted with a flower skirt and jean vest.

Valley: How do you think your style during the first week of school as a junior differs from when you were a freshman?

Maduforo: I found myself more, so now I’m using what I learned about myself over these past years to influence my style.


Jiahui Dong
Major: Advertising
Year: Junior

photo 2

Dong is heading off to class in a sleek all black outfit with a pop of gold from her top and wedge sneakers.

V: What inspired your outfit?

Dong: My top is from Shanghai, China and my leggings are from Top Shop…I just put them all together because it’s all black, and the embroidery on my shirt makes it stand out.


Laura O’Brien
Major: Marketing
Year: Junior

photo 3

O’Brien plays off her “rough morning” look by sporting a pajama shirt and camouflaging her tired eyes with statement sunglasses.

V: Explain your outfit choice.

O’Brien: So, My outfit consists of my favorite pair of straight jeans, wear them with everything and my t-shirt and my sunglasses are the best way to camouflage the blank canvas.


Naz Itybayeva
Major: Industrial Engineering
Year: Junior

photo 4

Itybayeva is spotted waiting for the bus while adding a chic twist to the double denim ensemble matched with gold spikes.

V: What’s your style like?

Itybayeva: My style depends on the day.  Today I’m casual, tomorrow I might wear a dress. I try to make use of all of my clothes in my style.


Photos by Ashia Tokponwey


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