Valley Pick of The Week: Songza

Songza_icon_copyCooking breakfast and recovering from last night are just a few options offered on a Sunday morning, but Songza has several choices to make any activity just a little more fun.

Songza is a free app that plays the right music for the right time without the interruption of ads.  It’s pretty awesome.  Based on what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, Songza offers a playlist created by music experts that make you wonder if they’re really inside your head.  Songza is ideal for many college-based activities such as studying, exercising or partying- especially if you’re the DJ (it’ll save you from a lot of dirty glares).

In the end, you can never have enough music.  I mean, what’s better than feeling awesome than a playlist that makes you feel even more awesome?  Depending on your preference, Songza’s playlists are a combination of today tunes, throwbacks and songs you’ve never heard of.  To the skeptics who may think, “This is just another Pandora” trust me, it’s not.  To experience the musical ecstasy yourself, find Songza in your App store.  Enjoy.

Where to find it: Various app stores


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