Fallin’ for Fall


Move over spring, summer and winter. I’m here to tell you that you’re all overrated and your weather sucks. Autumn is hands-down the best time of year, and here’s why.

The weather is perfect

Even though we only get two to three weeks of it in State College, the weather during fall is incredible. Mid-50’s to low-60’s is the perfect temperature; you’re more than comfortable in jeans and a crewneck. Plus you can wear boots, which is my favorite accessory of all-time.

Fall foliage

Trees are just stunning during this time of year. One of my favorite parts of fall is driving home for a weekend on 80 and seeing the trees on the mountains. It’s a picture-perfect view that makes everything seem alright in the world.


Nothing gets me more excited than being in Beaver Stadium, and nothing makes me happier than when it’s during the fall. There’s no sweltering heat, no blizzards; sometimes there’s rain, but it’s usually not a huge downpour like in the spring and summer months.

Pumpkin… and Pumpkin Spice everything 

Even though I am personally not on board the pumpkin spice (or even pumpkin) train, I appreciate what it is and that it’s in everything. Starbucks drinks, pies and now even candles. Nothing screams “autumn” like pumpkin.


Fall means our favorite TV shows coming back on the air. Whether you’re a Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead fan, your show is back on and you might make plans around watching it. That’s ok, because the winter and spring bring short hiatuses and impending summer means the season (or worse, series) is ending. Fall brings nothing but happiness with television.


Nobody gives this poor holiday any credit. Stores already had Christmas lights on display as early as November 1st… not ok. Let all of us who love to stuff ourselves live a little! This is one of the few holidays that nearly every American celebrates, so let’s give this poor holiday a little more credit.


If you’re even slightly into fashion, you know that the September issues of high-fashion magazines can be hundreds of pages long. Even if you aren’t into fashion, every store has new arrivals for fall, and you can usually get your winter clothes pretty cheap before Halloween hits.

Did we miss any reasons why fall is the superior season? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo by Jessica LaGreca 

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