A Dash of Healthy: Collard Wraps are the New Tortilla

Love a wrap? So do we. What’s not to love? They’re portable, they’re lower in calories than a sandwich and they’re pretty filling. But if you’ve learned anything from A Dash of Healthy, it’s that we want to make our meals the best they can be, and part of that is making calories count. Wraps, regardless of if they’re whole grain or not, are still highly processed carbs. While there’s nothing wrong with carbohydrates, the ideal way to eat them is in the form of whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, amaranth and buckwheat.

Collard greens, on the other hand, pack a powerful nutritional punch. High in vitamin C, K and fiber, collard greens are a smart choice raw or cooked. Plus, the thickness of the leaves raw make for a sturdy way to wrap up a great meal and add some more servings of veggies to your day.


What goes into a collard wrap?

Protein: Choose a lean protein like chicken, turkey, beans, tofu or lentils

Starch/Carbs: Add carbs like rice, quinoa, potato or any other grain of choice to keep you full longer

Veggies: Add raw or roasted vegetables for taste and texture. For cooked vegetables, try roasted red pepper and onion. For raw vegetables, add crunch with cucumber, carrots or sprouts.

Add ons: For flavor, add extras like jalapenos, pickles, kimchee or a dressing of your choice like lemon juice and olive oil.


To make the wrap:

1. Begin by removing the stem from the collard leaf.

2. Stack your ingredients in the center of the wrap, and fold the leaf the way you would a regular wrap if it’s a round leaf. Or, if it’s a more oval-shaped leaf, roll it or fold it like a taco.

3. Enjoy!