Exercise Industry Booms During COVID-19

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Warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean more people outside together nowadays. With the coronavirus still a major obstacle to resuming typical daily life, the public has seen many modifications to usual workouts. Despite these challenges, the health and fitness community has continued to put out content online for free or at a reduced cost. Additionally, while businesses across the nation have been forced to close and face a gradual reopening phase; some have found their sales to be booming.

Although the ways people are allowed to exercise have shifted dramatically and vary by state, solitary activities like biking, roller skating and yoga are experiencing a resurgence. Because home delivery and curbside pickup remain available in most states, there is a reduced fear of contracting the virus through these shopping experiences. In addition to this shopping method, these activities are also appealing as a result of low hassle setup in combination with no need to involve members outside your quarantined circle.

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One of the major inconveniences of this season is what COVID-19 has meant for social gatherings. Offered throughout most seasons, indoor classes and gyms have had to put a halt to their normal functions due to CDC guidelines. The equipment in the classes, along with the trained instructors that are not accessible at the moment, have put both attendees and facilitators at a disadvantage. Consumers have had to turn to one of the most convenient ways to shop—going online. One CBS news report found that bicycle companies across the country have experienced a resurgence in sales.

Eric Bjorling, from the company Trek, reported record sales in April. Owner of Richardson Bike Mart, Woody Smith, told CBS that he had to go as far as hiring new staff to assist with their spike in online sales combined with a 30% increase in service and repairs. Roller skating is another favored quarantine activity.

Roller Skating
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You may have seen the viral video posted on Tiktok of a girl skating down the road to J.Lo’s “Jenny From the Block.” Ana Cota, the creator of this video, and other suave roller skaters have been credited with the Google Trends spike in interest around mid-April when her video was posted to the well-known social media platform. Online retailer Impala Rollerskates found their products quickly going out of stock and struggled to keep all sizes and colors available.

The seemingly effortless activity has sent waves across the internet. Many longtime skaters—like Cota—are relishing in this new attention towards skating. Newbies and experienced skaters alike are posting their own attempts on social media and finding community.

Instagram Live and Youtube
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For better or worse, the social distancing guidelines mandated by the CDC have upended usual gatherings for exercise. On a positive note, there has never been a better time to hop on the world wide web and see what different content creators have to offer. The major plus side to these online workouts is convenience. The convenience of cost and accessibility are two extremely valuable characteristics to consumers. Women’s Health Magazine, @womenshealthmag on Instagram, offers workout classes two times a day for 15-30 minute sessions.

If you aren’t able to join at the allotted time on an Instagram livestream, classes are often available for 24 hours after or saved as IGTV videos. Companies to individual influencers have taken on this task of producing motivating and uplifting content, at this time. Another great option is to browse this VALLEY list of great Youtube channels that post a variety of workouts. From yoga to cardio and abs, there are plenty of ways to start your own fitness journey.

Time to work off that banana bread.



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