Celebrating Bi Visibility Week

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The week of September 16th through the 23rd is bisexuality visibility week. So, since that week has just passed, VALLEY would like to recap what Bi visibility is for, share credible bisexual resources and some celebrities you may not have known were bisexual!

The History

Bisexuality visibility week, also known as bi-awareness week, is an annual celebration of bisexuality. The week stems from the actual bi-awareness day which is on September 23rd. Three bi activists founded the day; Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur.

Even though over 40% of the LGBTQIA+ community identifies as bi, bi people are most likely to be erased or misrepresented in the media, history, literature and resources. Bisexuality is often subject to perverseness. There is a heavy notion within the queer and straight community that bisexuality is not a “valid” identity. Most people tend to think of bisexuality within a binary — that bi people are confused. With bi women, people often say that they just want to be “different” or are “spicy straight”. And with bi men, people assume that the guy must just be gay and not like women at all. Simply put: too straight to be gay and too gay to be straight. But bisexuality is a spectrum and is not always so black and white for many people. So, bisexual awareness week is meant to combat bi-erasure and celebrate its validity and the beautiful identity it is.

Some Info
Bi Resources and Book Recs

Given the frequent misrepresentation in the media, VALLEY has compiled a list of bisexual references and novels — directly from the bi source!

  • Do Better: Spiritual Activism for Fighting and Healing from White Supremacy by Rachel Ricketts
  • Bi Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner
  • In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado
  • Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
  • The Incendiaries by R. O. Kwon
Bisexual Celebs

Starting strongly with beloved Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart. When discussing sexuality in an interview with The Guardian, she said, “You are not confused if you are bisexual. It is not confusing at all. For me, it’s quite the opposite.”

Lili Reinhart has been very vocal about her concerns when revealing her bisexuality to people. When speaking with Flaunt Magazine she explained, “I felt that since I’ve exclusively been in hetero-normative relationships, it would be too easy for any outsider, especially the media, to vilify me and accuse me of faking it to get attention. That’s not something I wanted to deal with. But to my close friends and those in my life, my bisexuality has been no secret.” Lili, despite her assuredness in herself and celebrity status, still faces the obstacles and exclusions that come with being bisexual.

Tyler and ex-boyfriend Wyatt. Photo from from Pinterest.com

Many of our favorite male artists are also bisexual. Frank Ocean, in a post written on Tumblr, said that his first love was a man. Tyler, the Creator essentially based his whole album IGOR on his best friend turned lover going wrong. And Steve Lacy confirmed in 2017 that he was bi — quoting a lyric from the song “Static” off of his new album: “Looking for a bitch ‘cuz I’m over boys” further reaffirms his sexuality.

To anyone who identifies as bisexual, remember: you are valid, you are loved, you are beautiful and you matter!

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