Best of THON 2014: Crazy Hats

THON Weekend is full of fun activities, performances and crazy wacky hats. Valley took to the floor to snap some of THON’s greatest moments and –greatest hats.


Ohana members Geoff Sincavage and Mandy Lacue sport neon fanny pack hats. Multi-purpose hats are definitely a necessity for THON weekend.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon dancer Kevin Sunyak and daughter of THON child Crystal Bryan, Ava Bryan, have a blast hanging out together and snacking on cheesy pretzels.


Moralers Alexa Pimental (left) and Amanda Neal (right) are not worried about their hair frizzing while wearing these fun balloon hats the face-painted clowns are making. 


Moral member Bryan Cryder is dressed up in a mini tie and fedora as he hangs out on the floor and poses with sophistication.


Trenton Sullivan, age 4, is the star of the show as he runs around in his Iron Man mask and shoots his water gun at everyone and anyone in sight.


THON child Emilia Damesheks, supported by the Gymnastics Club, is surrounded by tons of friends and family. Her smile and very fuzzy blue hat are the center of attention.


Circle K member Greg Wenner sports an “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” hat while Kate Callahan is all smiles in her panda hat.


Alpha Sigma Alpha senior/communications captain Maura Gaudio and senior/communications captain Mac McCormick are stylish in their Inca-inspired Billabong hats.


Penn State Philippino Association member Douglas Smith is all smiles and says he feels like a king in his crown.


Dancers and close friends, Nicole Luculano, Terrynn Johnson and Erika Uzzolino are looking adorable in their colorful handmade headbands.


THON child Lennox Delacruz, age 2, supported by Women in Business, is not shameful about shooting people in the face with his water guns –or his diaper hanging out.

Photos by Kyle Biller

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