THON 2014: Rules and Regulations

_DSC9555Whether you know them as the official Fun-Suckers of THON or the Behind-the-Scenes Heroes, we’ve probably all had a bone to pick with the Rules and Regulations committee at one time or another. With a new bag policy, line system and the ever-pressing concerns surrounding floor passes, it becomes easy to point fingers at the Rules and Regs team as Public Enemy Number One.

The largest THON committee, Rules and Regulations serves to prevent and respond to any breaches in safety and security during events such as the THON 5K, Canning Weekends, Family Carnival and THON Weekend itself. The responsibilities are weighty for these “leaders in red,” and they want to give you their perspective on what it takes to be on R&R during THON weekend.

Seniors Anastasia Borzilovia and Breanne Pfeffer have both been members of Rules and Regulations before this year – Borzilovia her freshman year and Pfeffer just this past year, and in both cases each fell in love with the committee.

“I just love the people on Rules and Regs – especially the captains! They really make it worth it,” says Borzilovia of her fellow committee members. In addition to getting to bond with a group of quality students, both Pfeffer and Borzilovia listed the exclusive tour of the Bryce Jordan Center that only Rules and Regs members get to see as one of their favorite perks.

Each year Rules and Regs tries to make staying safe and efficient its main goal, and aside from having to put people’s bracelets on for them (those things were not made for the uncoordinated…), the new bracelet system has “made things a lot more effective,” claims Pfeffer.

Aside from answering the occasional “weird question” from people milling around the BJC, Pfeffer says her job on Rules and Regulations is “to make sure everyone stays safe, and that no one is causing any harm or making it a dangerous environment.”

When sleep deprivation and long lines start to get the best of you this weekend, don’t take it out on R&R – we’re all here to do the same thing: kick cancer’s butt! Just please do it in as orderly a fashion as possible.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh 

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