Best Books for Spring Break 2019

After all the late nights of long readings for class, spring break is here and it’s time to relax! Whether you’re hitting the beach or chilling at home, it’s likely you finally found a little time to read for fun. Need recommendations? VALLEY’s got you covered!

“On the Come Up” by Angie Thomas

If you love “The Hate U Give,” give this new book by the same author a try! “On the Come Up” is the story of a girl whose rap song goes viral, leading to unexpected and serious consequences.

“Emergency Contact” by “Mary HK Choi”

If you’re looking for a spring break romance, this one’s for you. “Emergency Contact” shows how two misfits fall in love over text. The digital courtship and college student characters make this one extra relatable.

“Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer” by James L. Swanson

This is historical nonfiction, but it’s so exciting and fun that it reads like a thriller. We all know the loose details of Lincoln’s assassination, but this book really fills you in on the death of one of America’s favorite presidents. You’ll come back to your history class a little wiser after reading this over break.

“The Proposal” by Jasmine Guillory

Ever seen a very public proposal and wondered, “What if she said no?” This book will answer your question! This book has plenty of juicy drama mixed with heart and humor.

“The Antiques” by Kris D’Agostino

This book is part tearjerker, part comedy. It’s the story of three estranged siblings brought back together by tragedy in the midst of their own personal crises.

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

Do you really need us to tell you to read this? The memoir by the former First Lady has been grabbed off shelves since the day it came out. It’s definitely worth packing in your suitcase, but good luck finding it in the library!

“The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkin

This smash-hit thriller is a few years old, but if you haven’t read it yet, no shame! This book will give you chills in all the right ways. And if you love the book, you can watch the acclaimed movie starring Emily Blunt right after!

Now that we don’t have class to worry about for a week, remind yourself that reading can be fine when it’s not 50 pages of a textbook at 2 a.m. If none of these suggestions do it for you, browse the library and tell us what we missed in the comments!


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